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My Muni bonds are in my name, but USAA will not transfer them

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My Muni bonds are in my name, but USAA will not transfer them to my bank
Hi and welcome to Just Answer! I'm happy to help answer your Finance questions. Feel free to ask for clarification if needed.

Please answer a question for me so i can better assist you. What was the reason USAA gave for refusing to transfer the bonds?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
first reply for transfer was denied "because of incorrect account numbers." Account numbers were taken from my accounts. Next request was denied "because accounts were frozen." My last telephone request to a USAA managment consultant was handled by an employee in public relations who tried to convince not to transfer my accounts. He advised me to have "a judge make an order." My attorney and my bank have advised me I have legal right to my accounts. The accounts are registered in my name. These accounts were in my husbands name when we married. We have filed joint income tax returns since our marriage in 2005. His will appointed me executor and sole heir.

You are correct that you have a legal right to your assets. If the accounts are in your name and not your husband's, I don't see why USAA would refuse to transfer your assets. Even if they were in your husband's name, providing a copy of his death certificate and will showing you as heir, should be sufficient evidence for USAA to provide you with access to your assets. Unless a lien has been placed against your accounts for unpaid debts, I do not understand why they would refuse to give up your assets except that they obviously do not want to lose your business.


Unfortunately, there is really no advice I can give you expect to contact USAA again. If they are persistent in refusing to give you access to your accounts, I think you need to get your attorney involved.

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