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Duradyne, Inc. has total costs of $18,000 when 2,000 units

Customer Question

Duradyne, Inc. has total costs of $18,000 when 2,000 units are produced and $26,000 when 5,200 units are produced. During March, 4,000 units were produced and sold for $8 each. What is the variable cost per unit? (Points: 4) $2.50 $0.40 $2.00 $4.00

Ranger Glass Company manufactures glass for French doors. At the start of May, 2,000 units were in-process. During May, 11,000 units were completed and 3,000 units were in process at the end of May. These in-process units were 90% complete with respect to material and 50% complete with respect to conversion costs. Other information is as follows: Work in process, May 1: Direct material$36,000 Conversion costs$45,000Costs incurred during May: Direct material$186,000 Conversion costs$255,000 Calculate the cost per equivalent unit for conversion costs. (Points: 4) $24.00 $4.09 $21.43 $20.40

During 2011, Madison Company applied overhead using a job-order costing system at a rate of $12 per direct labor hours. Estimated direct labor hours for the year were 150,000, and estimated overhead for the year was $1,800,000. Actual direct labor hours for 2011 were 140,000 and actual overhead was $1,670,000. What is the amount of under or over applied overhead for the year? (Points: 4) $10,000 underapplied $10,000 overapplied $130,000 underapplied $130,000 overapplied

Which of the following will have no effect on the break-even point in units? (Points: 4) The selling price increases The variable cost per unit increases The sales volume increases Total fixed costs increase

Which of the following items appears on a variable costing income statement but not on a full costing income statement? (Points: 4) Sales Gross margin Net income Contribution margin
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  ConceptsCoach replied 6 years ago.


HInt: $26000 - $18000 / 5200-2000 = $2.50



HInt: ($45000 + $255000) / 11000 units + 1500 units(only 50% complete) = $24


$10,000 over applied


The sales volume increases


Contribution margin



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