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(payroll tax entries) below is a payroll sheet for jedi import

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(payroll tax entries) below is a payroll sheet for jedi import company for the month of september 2007. The company is allowed a 1% unemployment compensation rate by the state: the federal tax rate is 0.8% and the maximum for both is $7,000. Assume a 10% federal income tax rate for all employees and a 7.65% F.I.C.A tax on employee and employer on a maximum of $90,000. In addition, 1.45% is charged both employer and employee for an employee's wage in excess of $90,000 per employee.

Earnings September Tax State Federal
Name to Aug. 31 Earnings Withholding F.I.C.A. U.C. U.C.
B.D. Williams $106,800 $10,800
D. Prowse 6,300 700
K. Baker 7,600 1,100
F. Oz 13,600 1,900
A. Daniels 105,000 15,000
B. Mayhew 112,000 16,000
(a) Complete the payroll sheet and make the necessary entry to record the payment of the payroll.
(b) Make the entry to record the payroll tax expenses of Jedi Import Company.
(c) Make the entry to record the payment of the payroll liabilities created. Assume that the company
pays all payroll liabilities at the end of each month.



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