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1. (TCO 1) The Daniels College of Business at the University

Customer Question

1. (TCO 1) The Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver offers an outstanding business school education. Cali pays the tuition to attend Daniels and earns her MBA with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. Upon graduating, she is offered a high paying, fulfilling position. Was this a marketing exchange?

(Points: 8)
        No, because the university is a private one
        Yes, because the university is profitable
        Yes, because paying tuition was exchanged for knowledge that directly led to Cali's fulfilling, new job
        No, because money was exchanged
        No, because the school did not provide Cali with a product

2. (TCO 6) Which of the following would be the BEST the target market for tickets to the home games of the Indianapolis Colts professional football team? (Points: 8)
        All people in the Indianapolis area
        All people in the U.S
        All men in the U.S
        People in the Indianapolis area with an interest in professional football
        All people in the U.S. with an interest in professional football

3. (TCO 3) The owners of Old School Brand Authentic Antique Foods researched Civil War records to come up with recipes used in the old-fashioned cookies the company produces and markets. This statement deals with which part of the marketing mix?

(Points: 8)

4. (TCO 5) Google's is a social network that is targeted primarily to people under the age of 25. Increasing use of as a networking tool for this target market is an example of how __________ forces impact the marketing (Points: 8)

5. (TCO 7) Recently a federal appeals court rendered a unanimous decision that Microsoft Corp. does not have an automatic right to put whatever features it wants into its Windows operating system; rather each new feature needs to be evaluated separately. Many of these features are also made by much smaller companies. This ruling grew out of the power that Microsoft holds in the software market because it owns a major share of the marketplace. What purpose did this ruling have?

(Points: 8)
        Protecting companies from one another
        Protecting consumers from unfair trade practices
        Protecting the future interests of society from dangerous business practices
        Protecting consumers from one another
        Protecting businesses from unfair consumer practices

6. (TCO 6) Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Co. is the world's largest cocoa-bean processor. It buys cocoa beans and converts the beans into cocoa powder and cocoa butter, which it sells to companies that manufacture consumer products that contain chocolate. The cocoa-bean processor is operating in a(n) __________ market. (Points: 8)

7. (TCO 1) Several years ago, SwissAir made some unwise investments to pay for a planned expansion. As a result, the company had to make some cost-cutting moves that alienated its customers. Eventually the company declared bankruptcy, regrouped and found itself able to resume business. Its board of directors recently announced that the company would like to resume flying. Before resuming flying, SwissAir needed to determine what percentage of its former customers it could expect to return to the airline. If not enough former customers were willing to use SwissAir again, the resumption of flights would not be profitable. The determination of the percentage of returning patrons that would be needed to resume operation is an example of a(n) (Points: 8)
        Research risk
        Research objective
        Research uncertainty
        Research decision
        Research definition

8. (TCO 3) DirectProtect is an insurance provider that uses telemarketers rather than insurance agents to sell its insurance and to deal with claims. It wants to introduce its product into new markets, but before it does so, it wants to have a prediction of how successful its sales efforts will be. One of the first things researchers did was to invite a group of eight people with insurance in to talk about home and auto insurance with a moderator. One of the purposes of this exploratory research was to gather information about the group members' attitudes toward insurance and their awareness of DirectProtect. While additional research still needs to be done, the marketing researchers were able to use a focus group to gather __________ data. (Points: 8)

9. (TCO 4) Sara Burns is the owner of a company called Spice and was looking for a new-product to go with her company's line of food condiments when a customer suggested combining spices with tea. This is an example of (Points: 8)
        Accidental invention
        Idea generation
        Bootlegging ideas
        Serendipitous management
        Serendipitous innovation

10. (TCO 4) A few years ago Who Wants to Be a Millionaire premiered as the first nighttime game show in a couple of decades. Once the show became a hit and televised several nights a week, other networks quickly created their own version of what they hoped to be a successful game show format. Greed and Twenty-One are the names of but two of the new shows that were created to compete with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. At this point in time the nighttime televised game show genre entered which stage of its product life cycle?

(Points: 8)
        Growth stage
        Decline stage
        Commercialization stage
        Maturity stage
        Introduction stage

11. (TCO 8) In an episode of the Andy Griffith television series, two local farmers were selling the produce they grew on their farms from the back of their pickup trucks to local people that drove by on the road. The farmers selling their products without wholesalers or retailers were an example of a

(Points: 8)
        Roadside channel of distribution
        Traveling channel of distribution
        Intermediate channel of distribution
        Informal channel of distribution
        Direct channel of distribution

12. (TCO 2) To promote its theme parks to groups, Disney is using advertising, direct marketing, Internet promotion and partnerships with other companies. In other words, Disney is using

(Points: 8)
        Implemented market codes (IMC)
        Interactive media convergence (IMC)
        An infrastructure of market customization (IMC)
        Integrated marketing communications (IMC)
        Integrated media convergence (IMC)

13. (TCO 2) A small film company is releasing a documentary based on the efforts of a group dedicated to saving endangered species. The company believes the credibility of its film is critical to its financial success. Which promotional element should it employ? (Points: 8)
        Invite members of the group to speak to local schoolchildren
        Use publicity
        Give away free posters to all movie attendees
        Use direct sales
        Send postcards to all people within a 25-mile radius of a theater showing the movie

14. (TCO 8) For several years, advertisements for Arm & Hammer baking soda have prompted consumers to place an opened box of the product in the refrigerator to lessen food odor and to replace that box monthly. The same ads advise customers to pour the used box down their kitchen sinks to freshen drains. Arm & Hammer employed a __________ strategy in its attempt to sell more baking soda. (Points: 8)
        Market penetration
        Market development
        Product development
        Product penetration

15. (TCO 5) Microsoft, Intuit and, Yahoo are building new facilities in Quincy, WA, a town that previously had a population of 3,500. Along with these new neighbors, the residents of Quincy are also going to get more traffic lights, a strip mall, higher housing prices and, new jobs. This example best illustrates a(n) ___________ change with which the people and businesses of Quincy will be faced. (Points: 8)

Three commonly used methods of evaluating marketing programs are marketing metrics, marketing dashboards and (Points: 5)
        marginal analysis.
        marketing audits.
        marketing ROI.
        marginal analysis.
        marketing control boards.

2. (TCO 1) Ideally, in effective marketing planning, goals should be __________ in terms of what is to be accomplished and when. (Points: 5)
        loose and vague
        as general as possible
        flexible or elastic
        quantified and measurable
        none of the above

3. (TCO 3) Which marketing strategy focuses on a single market segment but adds additional product lines? (Points: 5)
        full coverage
        market specialization
        product specialization
        selective specialization
        market-product concentration

4. (TCO 1) Based on relative competitive scope (broad target to narrow target) and source of competitive advantage (lower cost to differentiation), Porter's four generic business strategies are cost leadership, cost focus, differentiation focus, and (Points: 5)
        service leadership.
        quality focus.

5. (TCO 2) Which of the following pieces of information is used in the implementation phase of the strategic marketing process? (Points: 5)
        corporate return on investment
        marketing research reports
        revenues associated with each point of market share
        trends in past and current revenues for industry and competitors in total and by segment
        possible cannibalization effects on other products in the line

6. (TCO 6) Which of the following pieces of information is used in a SWOT analysis, the first step of the planning phase of the strategic marketing process? (Points: 5)
        corporate return on investment
        market share for the product
        revenues associated with each point of market share
        trends in past and current revenues for industry and competitors
        possible cannibalization effects on other products in the line

7. (TCO 3) When developing the advertising program, which step helps advertisers with other choices in the process such as selecting media and evaluating a campaign? (Points: 5)
        identify the target audience
        specify the advertising objectives
        design the advertising
        pretest the advertising
        schedule the advertising program

8. (TCO 2) The proper blend of elements in the promotional mix depends on the type of product. The three specific characteristics to be considered are complexity, risk, and__________. (Points: 5)
        Ancillary services.

9. (TCO 4) Reminding buyers of the product s existence is the promotional objective during which stage of the product life cycle? (Points: 5)
        all of the above

10. (TCO 2) The __________ can be used to inform prospective buyers about the benefits of the product. (Points: 5)
        promotion channel
        communication chain
        marketing matrix
        promotional mix
        media mix

11. (TCO 8) Which of the following statements about the terms used for marketing intermediaries is true? (Points: 5)
        The least precise terms used to describe marketing intermediaries are dealer and distributor.
        A retailer sells to business markets.
        An agent has no legal authority to act on behalf of a manufacturer.
        A wholesaler is an intermediary who sells to consumers.
        A broker is a synonym for a dealer.

12. (TCO 7) Conspiracy among firms to set prices for a product is called (Points: 5)
        price discrimination.
        price fixing.
        predatory pricing.
        tying arrangements.
        exclusive dealing.

13. (TCO 2) __________ involve(s) specifying the role of price in an organization s marketing and strategic plans. (Points: 5)
        A business mission
        Pricing constraints
        Pricing objectives
        A pricing plan
        The list or quoted price

14. (TCO 3) The ratio of perceived benefits to __________ is called value. (Points: 5)
        prestige value
        value-added pricing
        value analysis
        perceived costs

15. (TCO 6) Market segmentation involves aggregating prospective buyers into groups that have common needs and will (Points: 5)
        pay attention to marketing messages.
        respond similarly to a marketing action.
        be responsive to marketing research.
        use the same payment methods.
        go shopping on a regular basis.

16. (TCO 5) The process of continually acquiring information on events occurring outside the organization to identify and interpret potential trends is called (Points: 5)
        environmental trending.
        organizational scanning.
        environmental scanning.
        a SWOT analysis.
        acquisition scanning.

17. (TCO 1) The marketing department helps keep the organization focused on creating value both for it and for customers. This is accomplished by (Points: 5)
        listening to customers.
        developing offerings.
        producing offerings.
        implementing marketing program activities.
        doing all of the above.

18. (TCO 1) Which of the following acts as a barrier to the development of relationship marketing? (Points: 5)
        the large number of one-to-one relationships customers are asked to sustain
        the large number of products on the market
        the increasing number of retail stores that are closing
        the changing regulatory environment
        diluted cultural diversity
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