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Will this disqualify me from the TSA credit check I like

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Will this disqualify me from the TSA credit check?
I like many people fell in the housing fiasco that hit this country. On my house i had a second mortgage with a balance of about 12,000. After the house foreclosed the second was sold to collection agency. Please if someone can refer to the TSA faq found here

and help me answer the question. Does first
A) the fact i had a foreclosure immediately disqualify me?
B) does the fact that the second mortgage on my house went to a collection agency potentially disqualify me?
C) is the entire 12,000 considered "bad" or is only the 1200ish showing as "delinquent" on my credit check count as bad?
please an accurate answer i would appreciate. not a "sounds like" anyone who actually knows would be most helpful, its the only thing weighing very heavily on my mind.

Bad is a judgement which has not happened yet since it is a collection. Delinguent is a collection which is not as bad. I want to get something clear though, are you saying that you are not able to get a job because of this collection? If that is the case the employer is breaking the law by discrimminating against you because of credit which is illegal.


Please let me know if that is the case.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
there is a link i provided that shows their rule as far as credit goes

I have not heard of a company requireing a certain credit profile for employment but the rules are the rules. Really scary to me.


#1 under the disqualifying financial issues states any debt of $7500 or more which has been sent to a collection agency(you have 12K sent to an agency)


Cumulative delinquent debt of $7,500.00 or more. (Delinquent debt is: (1) any past due accounts that have

been sent from a creditor to a collection agency or attorney for action; (2) any unpaid balance that has been reported

as a loss to a creditor; (3) a repossession; (4) a court judgment that has not been satisfied; (5) a foreclosure on

property or assets; or (6) any debts that have not been dismissed through a bankruptcy agreement.)


This will disqualify you because the collection is for 12K.


The past due is $1200.00 correct?





Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The "company" is the united states government. The Department of Homeland security and TSA (Transportation Security Adminstration) i did go through a foreclosure. my concern is more Article 5) "a foreclosure on property or assets"
I am not seeing article 5
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
(5) a foreclosure onproperty or assets;

You even posted it. maybe its not an "article" sorry i am not familar with the proper wording.

perhaps i should try to ask someone more familar with the government or tsa or someone specfically available that deals with credit checks? if available.

I work with credit checks every day. This is a policy of TSA which states the finacial which will disqualify you. You meet two of them. You went into foreclosure and also have a collection higher than $7500.00. You will be disqualified for these two issues.




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