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What is Hud Risk-Based Mortgage Insurance Does that mean

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What is Hud Risk-Based Mortgage Insurance??? Does that mean my home will be paid for?
My husband just passed away.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. The FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium is a fee that borrowers pay in order to obtain a government insured loan. These loans typically have a high loan amount in relation to the property's value. This increases the risk of loss to the lender should the property go into foreclosure. Should this happen, HUD reimburses the lender for much of the loss by using the funds from the insurance pool. To get these loans, borrowers pay an up-front fee (which is usually added to their initial loan amount) as well a montlly amount. The $39.51 that you pay is the monthly mortgage insurance premium. Unfortunately, this premium has nothing to do with paying off your mortgage while you stiil own the property and are paying on time. It's there to help offset lender foreclosure losses.


Hope this answers your question. If anything was unclear, please let me know. Thanks.

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