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Amol Srivastava
Amol Srivastava, Accountant
Category: Finance
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for AMOL 31) How would electronic funds transfer affect the

Resolved Question:

for AMOL   31) How would electronic funds transfer affect the use of "float"?
A. Virtually eliminate its use
B. Decrease its use somewhat
C. Increase its use somewhat
D. Have no effect on its use

32) The system whereby funds are moved between computer terminals without use of checks is
A. a lock-box system.
B. float.
C. electronic funds transfer.
D. magnetic character recognition.

33) In managing cash and marketable securities, what should be the manager's primary concern?
A. Acceptable return on investment
B. Maximization of liquid assets
C. Maximization of profit
D. Liquidity and safety
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  Amol Srivastava replied 8 years ago.
31 - A
32 - C
33 - D
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