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Ed Johnson
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My boyfriend is stuck in Nigeria with no money and no way to

Customer Question

My boyfriend is stuck in Nigeria with no money and no way to get the money from his bank here in Sedalia, MO, USA. He has loads of money in his account but the bank here says he needs to be present to withdraw anything. I can't get a loan to send him any money and the US embassy in Nigeria is not helping either. Can his bank hold his money if he is in an emergency??? He has no food and I can only send him a few dollars a month. His account has over $50,000 dollars in it but his bank won't do a wire transfer. What can he do to get his money??? Can some other agency help get him home???
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  Ed Johnson replied 9 years ago.

Dear Sedalia,


this does not pass the common sense test.


He can access his money from an international bank in Nigeria and arrange for a wire transfer.


the problem you and are going to have is I am giving you a legal answer from the perspective of banking laws, and you are saying the bank is telling you personally a different story. I can not refute that.


so let me answer in this way.


The American Red Cross can help him out n this case.


but I have to ask.


How did you meet your boyfriend? How long have you known him? Have you met him in person?


How do you know his account in MO has 50,000 dollars in it?



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I called his brother in Sedalia. He has the bank statement there. American Red Cross?? I never thought of that. His bank has told him his account is "inactive". That is why he has to show up in person to access it. We met in Columbia at a cancer treatment center. We've known each other for two months. He sells cars overseas but those cars are stuck in customs. He needs to come back here to access his account and withdraw the funds to go back and pay customs to get his cars back. So far I haven't sent him any money cause I don't have any. He hasn't asked me for money, just for ways to get home.
Expert:  Ed Johnson replied 9 years ago.

Dear Stalaro,


This is still not jiving, there are ways he can still get that money sent to him. Inactive would be a dormant account for 5 to 7 years.


Please see the following u.s. government lnk:


in Missouri, a bank is inactive if there is no activity or it is dormant for a period of 2 years.


However a bank in MO can declare it inactive if there has been no transactions or failure to pay a fee for a period of 90 days. THEN in this circumstance he would have to contact them personally to process transactions.


I am wondering why he can not talk to a bank office on the phone and clear up any issues with his bank account.


The reason I am skepticalk about his circumstances is that he is in Nigeria. Nigeria has a very high fraud rate especially with three kinds of fraud:


1. Relationship fraud (even wiht nigerian born naturalizes u.s. citizens)

2. travel fraud: where people in NIgeria impersonating government officials and requireing special travel funds or health certificate forms, etc to let them leave the country. (there is no such thing, and if he traveled on a two way ticket, he simplyl needs to get his passport and go to the airport.)

3. Advanced fee frauds involving bank deposits and wire transfers. MOney deposited to a bank in response to a fraud letter would be closed down if the money instrument underlying the deposit proved to later be fraudulent or forgered or stolen.


As soon as I heare someone is stuck in Nigeria, It is a 75 to 85% chance it is associated with some kind of fraud on either the travelor or the persons back in the U.S.


In these circumstances I would advise that:


1. You personally contact the U.S. Embassy Citizen Serivces with information on your boyfriend with the details of how he came to be stranded; and ask if there is a way you can get him home. It is unusual that the U.S. Embassy Citizen Services would not be able to help a U.S. Citizen in this sitution. BUT sometimes, they need contact from a person back home. The phone numbers and email addresses are listed here:


2. contact the Amrican Red Cross as I have suggested, but only after you have personally given the U.s. Embassy A chance to react.