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Ed Johnson
Ed Johnson, HR & Business Operations Consultant
Category: Finance
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i have 1 share of stock in north pine electric cooperative ...

Resolved Question:

i have 1 share of stock in north pine electric cooperative finlayson minnesota 25 dollars number m 2326. bought in 1974. is it worth anything.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Finance
Expert:  Ed Johnson replied 9 years ago.


It may have value depending on the circumstances of a series of acquisitions and mergers.

North Pine Electric is in the geneology of east central energy. (

You will have to contact the legal department of the investor relations of eastcenterl and ask them to see if there was successosrship or exchanges of stock.

When this happens, stock holders are supposed to be notified, and at some point, have to exchange them. If you missed that opportunity, and the stock was not succeeded, and all outstanding stock was retired then your stock will only have value to the extent that:

1. A collector may buy it from you. Sometimes stock as a collecting item brings more than the stock was worth in the market place. OR

2. Successor company's will sometimes buy the stock back from you anyway.


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