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My bank sent back to me a check that was double endorsed

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I put in a deposit in the ATM that was my husbands payroll check. My husband is not on my account. I've deposited his check before with no problem. He signs it. I sign it put for deposit only and the acct # XXXXX it.
They claimed that because of the Patriot Act they can not accept double endorsed checks and is sending me the check back. I searched and searched the Patriot Act did not find anything. Can you help me? Do you know if this is true. I called a friend who works for another bank and she said that was not true. What do you think?
Help me please
Your bank, or at least the person you talked with are not correct. I suggest you go into that bank with that check and take it to a teller. I would be just about willing to bet that you'll have no problem with that deposit. It may be that this type of transaction may not be able to go through an ATM, but I believe a teller could handle it for you. My Wife and I do that all the time, but not through an ATM.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
But my husband is not on the acct. so your telling me that I am right and the patriot act doesn't have anything on deposited a double endorsed check? And who do I contact if they still won't deposit the check? It's not like I want cash back because I don't