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20 yrs with girl friend we agreed i stay home with kids she

Customer Question

20 yrs with girl friend we agreed i stay home with kids she works after all this she owns all kicks me out for trying to claim kids and give them benefits from work now im in street
JA: What steps have you taken? Have you filed any papers in family court?
Customer: ive been trying to get situated and work and figure out how to work on proving i had been home with my kids so no papers have no idea where to start but getting real hard living in street
JA: Family law varies by state. What state are you in?
Customer: arizona
JA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: yes we made a verbal agreement to be a married couple with out the paper work she would say so we did our part we both had nothing but now we owed a house three cars but she said she had to put all in her name so i believed here she was doing it the best way she could for us after i got job was able to provide money she took it but this year i wanted to add kids to work benefits she told me no i told her i was now going to file taxes with kids she told me that if i did they were going to take thr\e house and she would take the kids and i would not i told her i had the right to claim that i care for my kids she said i needed to get out of her house and that if i didn't cops would be involved i told her i live here she said no im kicking you out don't come to the house so my kids don't see drama i stayed away but i have no home and i helped build that home and life she keeps she told me i don't give her enough money cause i don't make enough but i give her most of what i have earned and all of my self and time before i started working
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  FamilyAnswer replied 7 months ago.

Hi! I will be the professional that will be helping you today. I look forward to providing you with information to help with your question and concern

Expert:  FamilyAnswer replied 7 months ago.

Good morning. I am sorry to hear about this. While Arizona does not have common law marriage, you could possibly be entitled to go after her contractually, based upon the agreements you had with her. Parties who have resided together may have remedies in contract law to receive reimbursement for property purchased together and similar claims. If the agreement was that she works full time and you care for the kids and you gave up a career for this and in reliance on it, you could try and go after her and sue.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
that is exactly what i want her to understand i actually told her we both had a 50 50 thing going so we one time split her check and we both paid half of the bills and then had money left and she didn't like that she wrked and we spent her money so i told her then we can stp now and she said yeah right and went to work as usual at one point we or she wanted another child and i told her no we had i had kids from previous relationship she said i had no righto keep her from having kids from same man and went on to say we could afford it with the way i stayed home she worked i made sure she understood she now had a longer contract with every kid we brought to this world she said im not ur ex so we started trying to have another and then one more in 2003 began 1997 with one and youngest is 14 now i told her we were not don this is exactly what i didn't want for kids but she didn't care she said she was tired of taking care of me and that the kids dontneed me any more so i need to start finding a way to move out i sensed she was getting really serious when she declined my help with benefits for kids then went nuts when i tod her its my turn for taxes so she kicked me out saying i don't make enough to pay for kids i told her we did i told her always that she needed to include me in her taxs as being here in house she told me stay out of her taxes i don't need to worry as long as i had a roof over my head
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
i hAVE 20 dollars in bank i live day to day no home sorry but i do not have money
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
i stayed home while she worked week ends while she worked over time while she went to take college courses to get a better position the availability she had for work was all day and late into the night
Expert:  FamilyAnswer replied 7 months ago.

Thank you and please allow me moment

Expert:  FamilyAnswer replied 7 months ago.

Yes and as a result, you would need to sue her and go after her, for what you believe you are owed, as a result of this agreement. If it was clear that you would give up your career, to take care of the kids and she would work and support the family and now refuses to do so, you could have a basis to sue her.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
from the paper work i come across this week she filed taxes and told the irs that she paid me 10000 dollars i never knew that she gave me any money this was 2009 who knows how many times she did that she didn't give me any money ever
Expert:  FamilyAnswer replied 7 months ago.

If she never did this, she could be filing a fraudulent claim. You could report her if you learned of this and the IRS could go back and look to see what she claimed.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
the job that i had this whole time with kids she made it hers and said that they don't need me any more and that i didn't pay rent any more and i needed to leave cause she told me i could pay for my tickets to get my license that we agreed to take care of but she said that happened before we got together but all tickets that i got were driving kids to school and back with no license that i drove thatshe bought me just for that and this last year sh wanted all of us to have own transportation and she wanted new car so she said she would sell me our truck finish payments cause she couldn't afford to get a new one unless i paid for the one i drove so we all could keep our jobs then said the money i gave her was for truck and phone so i didn't give her money for kids or rent where do i begin what is my first step
i cant stay in the street while she stays in our house
Expert:  FamilyAnswer replied 7 months ago.

If you do not have the funds to retain an attorney, you need to start by speaking with legal aid today and seeing if they can represent you. If you have lived in the home, you can remain and if she wants you out, would need to evict you through the court.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
she said that now she has to put the house up for sale in order to pay her taxes now since she cant claim the kids she will owe and that's how she can afford to pay and since its her house she will and then i can not follow them when she does move i told her that she has no right she just stops talking she said that im goimg to start a fight if i go over there and is that what i want the kids to deal with can i go back home i told her she can only have the court have me leave not cause shes pissed about me claiming our kids the police are not allowed to intervene unless im breakimg the law and she said i will be cause she will tell them shes afraid of me and i never had any problems with domestic violence in 23 years
Expert:  FamilyAnswer replied 7 months ago.
If you refuse to leave the judge would have to order it and if she sells the home and you refuse to move she would need to evict.
Expert:  FamilyAnswer replied 7 months ago.

I just wanted to follow up and see if you had any other questions or needed me to clarify something. I am here to help, so please let me know. Thanks!