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I have been fighting a very dirty and evil child custody

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Hi my name is ***** ***** I have been fighting a very dirty and evil child custody case for about 2 years now. My child was taken from me by his father just 5 months ago, due to false allegations placed on me by my mentally and physically abusive sons father. I left him due to the abuse, I've been being accused of drug use from my sons father for years now since I left him. He wants to believe I left him due to drug use which is completely false. I believe my son was illegally taken from my possession due to passing a hair follicle test, 3 urine tests, and now I'm continuing my drug tests due to him not succeeding with taking my baby from me, the true reason I believe of him trying to take my son is Bc I starting asking him if he was using drugs due to him calling and texting me at all hours of the night and speaking as if my sons toys were haunted. He stated that one night around 4am that my sons toys came on by their own and startled him, I asked him if he had slept and he said not for a few days supposedly due to stress, and than a week later he showed up at my parents where we live and had a custody order granted to him giving him temporary sole custody due to me not ever being home with my son, which is false, I've been trying to bust my ass by starting my own cleaning business so some evenings I wouldn't get home until 7pm but I have always been home to bathe and tuck my son into bed by reading him a story. My sons father knows the true mother I am, he just fails to acknowledge it due to his mentally abusive mother who truly wants custody and to raise my son. That is who and where my son is everytime his father takes him. He is rarely under his fathers care and I believe it is Bc of his temper; drinking and anger problems of his mother and him knowing being with only him is highly unsafe. Now I've always done my drug screens when asked and have always past them, but my sons father has somehow gotten out of it and I believe it is Bc my sons attorney is highly close with all the judges and politicians in iberia parish which is a very corrupt and drug town. My son and I live in youngsville. Now my question to u is due to me going through 3 seperate attorneys and still after all the evidence and things I have against my sons father, I truly believe Bc my attorneys I've hired are from the town of new Iberia, La. that they have been selling me out under the table and working illegal false allegations with the judges to have rights even granted to my sons father Bc he shouldn't even have rights at this point. Should I file with the state and/or cps to have them investigate my sons father once and for all for the protection and best interest of my son? I've brought pictures to court of my sons father drinking while under the care of my baby with no one else but me present, which I wasn't present for long due to him kicking me out shortly after the pictuRes were taken, I've also presented evidence of child abuse against my sons father proving the bruises that were placed upon my son while under the care of his father, in which had taken 9 days to go away. Idk what else to do nor who to trust that I can turn too, I'm financially becoming brOke over going Through so many attorneys, pls help me, is the state/would the state be my best option at this point?
The state is a free option and can investigate and remove Where poses danger to the child. You want to prepare your case by creating a time line starting from the earliest event. For each event, write down key details and witnesses and if there is a document that relates to it, save it and refer to it. This timeline can be very valuable in narrating your case and presenting it later in a concrete and specific way. If pressed with a motion to the court clerks office can assist. By being prepared and pressing your claim, the other side should feel the pressure and consider the risk of losing and legal fees. That realization can help bring about a settlement! Court can also award legal fees. Please let me know if the reply is acceptable by responding "yes" or "acceptable"
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Oh wow, ok, great, thank u so very much. Also, id like to add, that I have been writing down dates; times and a statement of what happened at that time since before I even left his father. I've been preparing myself for this since before any discussion on custody was even at play. I truly appreciate ur response to my question, I just have ran out of options, but I continue to have my faith and hope in the good lord, Bc I know the truth always surfaces and justice will be served sooner rather than later!
Very welcome!
Kindly rate me five stars.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
U got it
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