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My boyfriend is trying to alienate our son with his custody

Customer Question

my boyfriend is trying to alienate our son with his custody and access son who is 2.5 cries and runs away when his father knocks on the door he has been doing this for several weeks now. even has freaked out just when a knock comes to the door screaming I don't want to go to daddy's house. She has asked him to do counselling but he refused, she wanted the 3 of them to participate. the father took him on Friday saying he wanted him for the day because court order that the father can have him on his birthday. The father took him and then had him visit a doctor/psychologist I am assuming, my so told me that he went to see a doctor. I tried to see a doctor and they said that they would need his permission to talk to my son, I understand but how did my boyfriend see a doctor without my consent. if you could see the videos I have had to record because he is traumatized, he is usually such a happy go lucky toddler, his demeanor is so distraught. he says the floor tells him mommy is not smart, sometimes he says mommy is not stupid. and anytime I ask him who says that he says the floor. I want help he has tried to discredit me with everything he could to the judge but to no avail. he has tried to get cas involved but the doctors examined him and said he was fine. now he is saying I am alienating our son from him when in fact he is the one perpetuating this. single mothers are having hard times trying to help there children this man is very narsissistic and borderline sociopathic the judge told him at our last appearance try to work this out because you don't want me to make the decision for you because he was adamant on a trial. but now again he is looking for ways to manipulate and gain control at all costs to our sons mental and emotional health. and he refuses to have a lawyer to again try to manipulate the system, belive me I try to talk but he wont talk or communicate at all then tells all that its me its a very bad situation, do you have any imput legally for me
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  LegalGems replied 1 month ago.
I very sorry to hear the child is having to experience this. The parent can request a custody evaluation. This is when the courts will order either one or both parents, and possibly the child, to undergo a evaluation with a therapist to determine what custody arrangement is best for the child and whether supervised visitation may be appropriate.
Expert:  LegalGems replied 1 month ago.

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