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I have two parents who aren't very responsible something

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I have two parents who aren't very responsible something happened when i was three, my bother was 2 and my sister Melissa she was 4. We were all split up in the family of who owned who. I went with my Grandma, my "bro" to his Grandfather separated from my Grandma and then my sister with my Moms ex her Dad. Now my grandma has Alzheimer and the whole family is messed up. I was in the Army now i'm out they have this rumor going around that i have PTSD. Which i don't have, I was cleared from the Army with a clean bill of health. Four tours and im completely health, it is a miracle. I believe it is coming from my Mother who is an alcoholic. I got a hold of my local areas, prosecutors office and they said, I could only stop her from calling me. That i couldn't do anything about her causing problems for the family because she drinks heavily. What can I do to stop her, both she and my Dad try to keep contacts with few people here and there. I feel like they owe me something honestly like do they seem to get to skip out, then now all the sudden want to have interactions with the family. Can I get an attorney for both of them, their was issues with my grandfather and her that she seems more concerned with then her own kids. We are all grown now, what weights heavy is that i don't make the money on my side of the family. I have always had to bust my ass to get what i wasn't. While my brother and sister both have f**king help. My mom, grandma and my biological father are drowning me all three have their won separate lives while I am pushed to the back burner for parts of the family that isn't fair.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
My Mom lives out and Vegas also my family lives out here in Ohio. She thinks she can be a mom all the way out their like she needs counseling but she don't see it like shes stupid. It is literally tearing me apart, my grandma was my biological guardian, I addressed her mental disorder. Now she expects me to stay away from her when my Aunt is a nut job. I tried to get ahold of Job and family services in my local area. They said, i couldn't do anything, because she hasn't been to the Dr. about mental incompetence.
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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
What to do about my dead beat parents. Their the one causing the most problems in the family. Is t their some sort of legal channel that I can use them for not paying child support and causing issues in the family.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I don't want to talk on the phone.
Any court ordered child support is owed to the custodial parent, not the child.
It sounds like this may be more of a family counseling issue than one for which there is a claim the courts coud provide relief or redress.
I am sorry. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but I do not want you spinning your wheels.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
that is exactly it actually she need counseling my mother is their any way in the state for me to do that. Why do I have to take her abuse. Then their is my idiot family members. I used to stick up for her a long while ago. Now I dnt and she's is making me look like I'm some idiot or the PTSD that I don't have.

You can not force someone to go to counseling. If they are not treating you the way you wish to be treated then avoid contact with them.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
It's more then that because of a senior person in the family a grandfathe he hides behind us church about his behavior from his past. He would ignore my mom and my Ant and because he does that they have hang up issue. Now your telling me I ha e to suck this garbage up for what it is.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Would a family attorney help with personnel injury from the family chased towards me.

Yes, I think you either have to take it, or not interact with them. That is the good thing about being an adult. You do not have to have contact with people you do not want to.

You can have an attorney send a cease and desist letter to tell them to stop contacting you, but I do not think you have any legal remedy beyond that.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Really, I'm not getting angry at you. My grandfather had some explaining to do and because he did address the issues and my mom don't stop her escapade of trying to still impress him. To me that is malarkey, honesty because when I do ignore them. All they do is bad mouth me and slander me behind my back. My area in Ohio don't have defimation lawyers. If theit is it is real hard to find one. Your telling me that I can't she his church for his actions he don't want to address. Because if she isn't want to go to therapy she don't your right. It's doesn't mean that I have keep adding the family treat me like a foster child either because she is a shut mom.

No, I do not see anything in this that has a legal remedy to pursue. This is more of a family dynamics problem than a legal one.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
No it is more then that, why should I take their bull. My grandmother who raised me. They have her convinced that I have PTSD. She isn't in her right frame of mind. I'm just supposed t let it go, when I was in the Army. I tried to get her the help she needed because no one else was doing. It she almost had me arrested and your telling me their isn't on thing I can do about this problem.
You don't have to take anything if you just stop interacting with them.
You may have a claim to assert for defamation. Actually, you would start with a cease and desist letter to anyone making these false accusations.If this does not get a retraction, you will need to file suit for defamation. This cause of action is specifically for damage caused to one's reputation. To establish a prima facie case of defamation, four elements are generally required:1. a false statement purporting to be fact concerning another person or entity;2. publication or communication of that statement to a third person;3. fault on the part of the person making the statement amounting to intent or at least negligence (the person knew the statements were false or exhibited a knowing and reckless disregard of the truth or falsity of the statements when making them); and,4. some harm caused to the person or entity who is the subject of the statement.
This involves complex litigation and it is strongly advised that you retain local counsel to assist you in protecting your rights before taking any action in court for this matter. Also, any cease and desist letter will carry more impact on attorney letterhead.If you need assistance in finding an attorney, contact your state or local bar association. You can also try Martindale Hubble. Many attorneys themselves use this site to locate attorneys outside their jurisdiction or expertise: is a huge worldwide database of attorneys searchable by location and specialty.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you for that, that is really what I was looking for. Fantastic, I'll you what you guys and gals are very surprising sometimes. I thought about being an attorney myself at on point just to know laws better.
You are very welcome.
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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Ok great I will