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Can a spouse, U.S. citizen, get his marriage from his wife

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Can a spouse, U.S. citizen, get his marriage from his wife of twenty years, annulled in another country? We are both U. S. Citizens and were married in Chicago...I was not advised when he did this..He now lives in the U. S...Could I sue him?

I'm very confused about this. Can you give me the background information so I have some context?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
My husband and I were U.S. citizens living in Republic of Panama at the time...After Twenty Years of marriage, I moved into another apt., for he was never home and out of the country on business...A workaholic...I did this whilst he was on one of his trips...I only took out of our bank acct. enough for Rent...meanwhile, he comes back and is shocked...He visits me and ask what is he going to do by himself? I said, Work what you always do...I was very lonely there and had had a nervous breakdown from being alone in a foreign country away from family...I had a previous marriage and one of my sons was getting engaged in Ecuador...I went to Ecuador for the engagement. When I got back he had frozen our bank accounts there and in the U. S.. My son started supporting me...My son got married in Ecuador and I and he came to the wedding...I told him I would stay a couple of weeks and then go back to settle our situation..When I got back he had annulled our marriage in Chicago in Panama and had remarried.. I never received notice of anything...I tried to get a lawyer but dihave the funds to retain him..And all they said was that it was legal..I got no settlement nor any say in this..We had saved a lot of money for retirement and had sold our home in Miami and some rental apts. and I saw nothing, not a dime...I was in such AWE , I ALMOST had another breakdown. There I was, no money, nothing! I moved to Ecuador to live with my son...Finally , my husband moved to Naples, Fl. And I thought maybe I could sue him in the U. S...He did all this 2007..When I found that he was back in the U. S. I thought maybe now I could do something.
I want to know if I can? All I have is a stamped paper saying that my marriage in a Chicago was annulled. I don't have money for a lawyer but if in Chicago that isn't legal , maybe I have a chance...Do I-?
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Can I call you in two hours?

Was it annulled or was this a divorce?

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