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My question is about summary dissolution. My husband wants

Customer Question

My question is about summary dissolution. My husband wants me to fill out and sign a summary dissolution. In many questions it says "exclude car loans". My husband bought a car under his name while we were married and has to pay the loan. How does this work in this kind of divorce because I don't want to pay for him?
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 2 months ago.

Hi and welcome to JA. Ray here to help you today.Please bear with me a few moments while I review your question and respond.

Expert:  RayAnswers replied 2 months ago.

He needs to attach a property settlement agreement and this is set out here.The 2017 Ford 150, VIN # 12232 Gh78 is awarded to husband as his separate property together with the indebtedness at First National Bank thereon.

Something like this.

I appreciate the chance to help you today.

Here is the form

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Expert:  RayAnswers replied 2 months ago.

A "summary dissolution" is a shorter and easier way than a "regular dissolution" to end a marriage and/or a registered domestic partnership. But, it can only be used by couples who meet very specific conditions. The Judicial Council of California has written a booklet detailing a summary dissolution, including step-by-step instructions and the joint petition for dissolution requires that each party attest that they have read and understood the Summary Dissolution Information booklet (Form FL-810). This booklet and all the necessary forms can be found on the California Courts website at

One party must submit the Judgment of Dissolution and Notice of Entry of Judgment (Family Law - Summary Dissolution) (Form #FL-825) at the time of filing of the Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution (Form FL-800). The submitting party must provide two copies and two stamped envelopes, one addressed to each party. The judgment will be processed in due course. You will need to complete and file one additional local form which is the Family Law Certificate Of Assignment (SDSC Form # D-49). This form lets the court know you are filing the case at the proper location, called "venue", based on where you or the other party live.

Bring the originals and two copies of all documents to the court for filing. There is a fee to file your Petition with the court. The court accepts cash, check, Visa and MasterCard. Checks should be made payable to "Clerk of the Court."

The property settlement agreement is attached to judgment referenced above.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thank you for your answer. But I think he wants me to pay for half of it and I don't want to. Will I have to?
I'm not a US citizen and I don't know if I also have to include what I have abroad?
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 2 months ago.

Well its a community debt if you were married here you can have it sold and proceeds divided.And no it would be impossible for the lender to enforce this against you if you did not sign.He cannot get this unless you agree to file petition and sign settlement.You can insist he take this debt with title.