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When a conservatorship is ended by a judge how do you have

Customer Question

When a conservatorship is ended by a judge how long do you have to file a grievance on how it was handled in Iowa?
Who sets the time to file objections?
Does the conservator have to provide bank records to the person if requested so they can review after it ends?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Any information regarding my question on conservatorships I posted last night I need to get things figured out today please respond ASAP. Thank you for your time.
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Any answers RE conservatorship questions???
Expert:  Ely replied 11 months ago.

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I am sorry to hear about this situation, Kathy. I am also sorry that no one has touched base on this yet.

Please, tell me - what do you mean "conservatorship?" Of whom? By whom?

And when you say "grievance," what would it be based on?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
When I got sick with Gillian Barre in 2012 my dad passed in 2013 when his estate was about to be settled my sister went to court behind my husband and kids back became my guardian and conservator. I have serious issues on how my inheritance from my dad was handled also she had medical POA I just got home a few months ago after disagreeing with her for 2+ years she took control when she knew I was being released and our dads estate was being settled she has created friction between my kids and I blown thru $xxx,xxx.xx says I'm broke let my house go back to bank I've asked for her to account for money and I get these hand written sheets that make no sense and I'm finding out numerous lies and she paid her attorney with my money. I've asked for bank statements she won't give to me. When I moved home and she brought what I had left of clothes she made me sign her. Inventory sheet she did or she wouldn't leave my things Then I got a letter from her attorney about conservatorship 2months after we went to court basically saying its done and I can't file charges for mishandling my money. 1 shouldn't the judge have mentioned time limit to object when we were in court I've been asking for records for 2yrs and I'm still waiting for bank records. I'm trying to decide if I want to pursue some various charges POA financial abuse Sibling abuse and family abuse I am pretty sure money wise she took advantage of me and I have witnesses to the sibling abuse from CNAs at healthcare center and family abuse I think could also be proved. I don't really want as my her to go to jail but I do think she mishandled my finances and I do think she needs to reimburse me so that is the short version of my grievance. I'm just wanting to get some insight before I decide how far to push. I do feel very strongly that she did me wrong financially. What steps do I need to take? How long do I have to file objections to conservatorship? Can her attorney tell me if I don't file by xx/xx/xx I'm barred from ever filing objections? I have close to 200 abusive texts she invaded my privacy by calling numbers she didn't know on my cell bill she she's lied to my kids she kept me in the healthcare center 2+ years longer than I should have been I had been discharged by Drs physical therapy etc. This disease rocked my world my husband's and my kids I just turned 54 I have a lot of life to live and catch up on and I hope and pray I can get my relationship back with my kids. I'm not perfect I made my share of my mistakes when GB invaded my body but what she's done to me financially is wrong what she's done to my relationships with my boys is wrong and the emotional abuse to me witnessed by staff at healthcare center. I don't want to put my boys thru anymore but she did do me wrong in a lot of areas and I feel I should be paid back. I appreciate your time.
Expert:  Ely replied 11 months ago.
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Expert:  Brandon M. replied 11 months ago.

Good afternoon.

Complaints about judges can be made to the Iowa Judicial Qualifications Commission here:​
​Complaints about attorneys can be made to the Iowa State Bar Association here:​
​There's technically no time limit to make a complaint, but the more time that passes, the less likely it is that either organization will be in a position to take any sort of disciplinary action.
​Whether bank records have to be provided without further court action depends on the specifics. Records can be demanded if there's a lawsuit pending, such as for mismanagement of a conservatorship, but if the conservatorship has already ended, the conservatee would normally just be able to get whatever records had been filed with the court if no lawsuit is pending.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I do not have any issues with the judge the hearing was for guardian/conservatorship to end there was no need for it any longer he terminated both. My questions are straightfoward basically just a yes or no so I know what options if any I have available to me still by the statute of limitations if I want to purse a lawsuit against Guardian conservator POA financial POA medical who are all the same individual.
1. Can the attorney for this individual send me a letter 60 days after this hearing saying I have to file issues on the mishandling of my $ by xx/xx/xx giving me only 7 days to do or I would be barred from filing anything in the future?
2. If there was a date for this to be filed wouldn't the judge be the one to decide the date?
3. Shouldn't this time frame if any have been addressed at the hearing following statute of limitations for this area?
4. I was an owner of the bank account shouldn't I have access to the banking records?
5. This individual was also my Rep payee isn't she accountable to me on how my money was spent not just the court?
6. If so shouldn't she have to provide me with actual bank records for me to review rather than her hand written documents which by the way she's given me several of her recaps these don't tie back to each other nor do they match what was filed with the court which is what threw up the red flag to me and why I want to see actual bank records. Also none of these various reports tie back to the court records pertaining to my inheritance from my dads estate or to tax returns she filed for this time period Being an accountant for 25+ years and licensed thru the state of Iowa 1+1 does not equal 2 anyway I look at it.
I just need to figure out the best options for me my husband and my kids to get closure on this nightmare my sister created and get paid back for the money I believe my sister mishandled. She is my sister I don't want to file crimal charges I just want the truth and her to pay me back for the monies she mishandled.
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thank you.