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My brother (Jack) did a CVS DNA test and discovered that

Customer Question

My brother (Jack) did a CVS DNA test and discovered that there is a 99.9% chance that the look-alike infant is his. He wants to be a father and wants to gain full or even partial custody of this infant (now 6 weeks old). The child is 1 of 3 siblings in CPS care right now since the biological mother tested positive for meth. We have written dozens of emails, USPS letters, and phone calls and we are getting no where. This correspondence went to various levels of CPS as well as other institutions. No one cares. I was told that my brother probably truly won't get to join the CPS case unless he gets an attorney and files a Petition Adjudicating Parenting with the court. Since the biological mother and her boyfriend told CPS that the boyfriend was the father of all 3 children, we are trying to get that changed and get my brother on the CPS case. My brother and the biological mother even went down to Denton Co to file a Rescission of Acknowledgement for Paternity, together, and made copies before mailing this off. Supposedly the next court date is Nov. 18th. I have found the Petition Adjudicating Parenting online, which doesn't seem difficult to fill out, but apparently it needs to be filed by an attorney. I think once this form is submitted, and my brother is included in this CPS case, I don't think he'll have any other need of a lawyer. I need to know of a Texas lawyer that we can pay to fill out this petition (for Grayson County, TX). Any ideas?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  FamilyAttorney replied 10 months ago.

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Expert:  originallawyer replied 10 months ago.


We cannot make specific referrals or represent your brother. I suggest using a service like to find a lawyer in Grayson Co. The Texas State Bar also has a lawyer referral service, but there is a fee to use it.

I will add that it's definitely in his best interest to retain an lawyer for the full length of his case. CPS is not an easy organization to work with as a lay person, and while it seems like your brother's case is a slam dunk, it's never quite as simple as it should be when CPS is involved.