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I filed paperwork to have a Protective Order against my

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I filed paperwork to have a Protective Order against my husband rescinded, attaching documentation from his counselor that he had been passing drug tests for several months and a letter from her recommending a next step for therapy to be family counseling. I assumed we would probably have to go to court to state our case in person. Instead I already got a response "denied." No reason given. The place following denied say because_______________ and the word because was just crossed out. I was shocked. Another lawyer on here said most judges let you state your case and hope to see families stick together. I'm crushed. I'm reading that these can't be appealed? I'm in Maryland. Is there anything else I can do or do we just have to wait til the 1 year is up in May 2017? My hubby is doing so well. Working programs, going to counseling, doing step groups, working.... Thoughts?

Hello: This is Phillipsesq. Welcome to JustAnswer! I am reviewing your post, and I will post my response very shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Regrettably, there is nothing else you can do except wait for the expiration date of the Order in May of 2017.

When it comes to Protective Orders, Courts err on the side of caution. Eventhough you want the Order removed and your husband appears to be doing much better, the Court has no way of knowing if you are making the request voluntarily or if your husband is putting pressure on you to make the request. Also, there is no way of knowing if your husband would go back to his old habits once the Order has been removed. So, the Order being in place works to keep him in check. Thus, even if you may not feel it, the Court is actually acting in your best interests.

I am sorry that I do not have better news for you.

Best wishes,

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