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Ely, Counselor at Law
Category: Family Law
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This is basically a probate issue but not the kind u run

Customer Question

This is basically a probate issue but not the kind u run into that often or maybe these days u do. I haven't worked as a legal asst in 26 yrs. This is THE ESTATE OF PATTY ********** ****** COUNTY PROBATE,COURT #2 JUDGE ***** MY MOTHER DIED IN 2002, I DIDNT KEEP UP OR,GO TO ANY PROBATE PROCEEDINGS. MY SISTER &'BROTHER WERE FIGHTING OVER MONEY MY SISTER TOLD NE,2 YRS AGO THIS NOVEMBER ABOUT SOME ASSETS THAT HAD BEEN FOUND IN PENNSYLVANIA THAT BELONG TO THE,ESTATE . SHE WANTED TO BUY NE & MY BROTHERS 1/3 BECAUSE WE ARE ON DISABILITY I SAID NO. A CHECK FOR ROYALTIES HAD BEEN RELEASED I GUESS WHEN SHE FIRST HEARD ABOUT IT. WELL BILLS, ATTYS ETC WERE TO GET PAID OUT OF IT THE REMAINDER SPLIT 3 WAYS.I KEPT SENDING EMAILS TO THE ATTORNEY MY SISTER USED WHEN SHE PROBATED THE WILL WHO WAS TAKING CARE,OF THIS ALSO. WASNT ABLE TO GET MUCH INFO AT ALL & I THINK SHE MIGHT HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THESE ASSETTS AT THE TIME OF MOTHERS,DEATH BUT NOT SURE. THERE IS A CK SITTING AT THE ATTORNEYS OFFICE FOR $2811 BUT WHAT SHE WANTS ME TO SIGN B4 I WALK OUT THE,DOOR WITH THE,CHECK SOUNDS MORE LIKE I AM TAKING THE MONEY AND GIVING UP ANY FUTURE ASSETS IN PA. I FOUND THERE IS,WAY MORE THAN ROYALTIES THERE IS 134.something acres of land. Then I stumbled across another parcel of land that is 131.54 with oil & gas leases. I have been contacted by companies in PA wanting to buy or lease my portion. I am almost certain my sister has done all the deed tracing etc. I have no way of knowing what I own & the companies aren't saying. I am on disability'& don't have any money or resources to go to Pa & trace it myself. The probate court wont let u file any papers or approach the court. I have called around can't get legal aid to to do anything, can't find any pro bono Attys that will help me out. Haven't had any luck with any regular attorneys except for one but he wanted a$3650 deposit & what I get in disability goes on rent & necessities. My cks combined equal $753 I am going to start college on line so I can go into a field where my physical limitations wont b a problem & I can get off disability. My sister has money she is just greedy I want to use my portion to improve my quality of life. I figure a Motion could b filed in Judge ************ court & the judge could order the atty & my sister to turn over all information & make the attorney re write the paper she wrote for me to sign where it is clear that the $ I am receiving is 1/3 of the money left over from the $18,000. Then find out all the information on the things they didn't disclose. I have all kinds,of info regarding all of that & emails back & forth to show they were purposely keeping the assets a secret cause my sister wanted everything. I know My Father in HEAVEN will not this injustice continue and there has to b atleastc1 attorney that will help me get what is mine. This has had me all torn up for almost 2 yrs I even have text my sister sent me telling me I should have signed the paper & take the check or she will stop pmt on it & will c I got nothing. Then she .said my brain was fried & feels sorry for me & dont ever contact her again. Please help me I am a 59 yoa disabled woman who was born with respiratory issues. I have tried to do the right thing. I gave my life and everything I am several years ago. I have been a widow for 26 yrs& at the time my husband died I was left with two very young children with AD/HD defiant disorder children. Nothing about my life has been simple. I am not & never have wanted a hand out or wanted anyone's pity orto b felt sorry for. The more you faith u get & the stronger your relationship u have with the Lord the more things happen to keep you from getting
Mary *******
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Ely replied 10 months ago.

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I am sorry to hear about this situation, M. I am not sure what you are asking here - there is so much information but t is all a bit jumbled. Can you please clarify what I can answer for you?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
It should b obvious what I want to know. FACTS : #1 I HAVE ASSETS IN PA BUT CANT PAY FOR SOMEONE TO TRACE DEEDS, I AM POSITIVE MY SISTER HAS TRACED THE DEEDS. IN JAN 2016 SHE PUT IN AFFIDAVITS OF HEIR SHIP ON BOTH PROPERTIES. PLUS THERE WAS $18,000 RELEASED TO PAY EXPENSES ABD FEES THAT WERE OWING AND DUE THEN WHATEVER WAS LEFT OVER WAS TO B SPLIT 3 WAYS. MY SIS, ME, AND MY BROTHER. There is a check made out to be,for $2811 but the have a legal document drawn up that they need me to sign to get the check it will b filed with probate court the,way it us,written leaves anyone reading it to believe I took the check as final disbursement on the royalties in Pennsylvania from my moms estate nothing gas ever been said or written in any correspondence about any land or the second property that also has oil & gas leases on it. Both properties r over 131 acres & both in Greene County, PA . I want & need that $2811 but not willing to take it lose any rights to any properties etc it is pretty well established that they were hiding assets & trying to get signatures where we took the $2811 only as my cash disbursement for everything. My Sister couldn't get me to sell my portion to her & if I didn't she had no intentions of seeing I got what is mine. She wants hers, nine & my brothers third .i have hit a dead end cause no one gives a f---k if I get my share,and that she held info regarding assets is land & the other large parcel of land that has oil & gas leases on them. I have received letters from companies wanting to buy my portion but aren't putting in the documents what is my share they say I own approx 1.1 acres out of 131.54 acres and I know they r lying or it would b in the documents they r wanting me,to sign & have notorized I WANT TO KNOW WHO I CAN TALK TO THAT IS,AN ATTY AND THEY WILL SEE THAT ALL THE SPECIFICS CONCERNING THIS IS KNOWN ABD SET STRAIGHT. CAUSE MY SISTER IS KEEPING ALL PERTINENT INFO WHERE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO GET THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF MONEY IF I LEASE FOR 5 YRS TO A COMPANY that's isn't even giving a hint as to how much is nine. They say less so they pay less cause it is a higher rate if they put the true amount I own. Can't send copies of the info I have cause printer does not work. I think I have enough proof that they would b found negligent there duties to c the heirs gets what is rightfully due to them. I feel like the have planned this for awhile & because the. Probate was closed out years ago but after I started asking questions had it reopened but there r no new papers filed as to why it was reopened. They r trying to take the assets for themselves & no one will help my brother & I or care that my selfish greedy sister basically was allowed to steel our share & gas all the,assets
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
An attorney somewhere needs to man up & see that the disabled & below poverty level siblings get there share asap. Because it is against the law for this to b happening and the law is for everyone. I think someone needs to file criminal chgs on my sister % the attorney for robbing elderly & disabled people and not disclosing all the assets. The attorney knows she has been. Caught but w cop to it nor admit it it she is still making excuses & defending herself
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
i want a refund immediately. ely started out stating one of the same points i started out with. then he asked me a question in which i answered and i never received anymore replies back. order #16713524-590 MARY TERESA ****