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I was divorce in 12/2014 after 18 teen years i moved from

Customer Question

i was divorce in 12/2014 after 18 teen years i moved from Washington state to trinity NC and he lives still in Washington state, in Washington the place he works at all the medical Dental vision care he has to carrier me for 3 years he has not and will not provide the cards for the plans only one i have is medical. And they use different for each thing like eyes no plan or the provider i have no information on same with Dental no plan or who is the provider and no provide card so i cant use my insurance i was granted for 3 years. I was granted 5 years of spousal support witch he is getting later and later paying it he is to have support in the bank on every month the 1st he late on and off all the time. I have non contact number for him but only his work number and extension. When he paid me money from every thing he bought my have because i dont live there what i want to know is t the bank and this paper waswrote out by him that he pay my spousal support in full for 5 five years so he said ne dony have to deal with me any was a Notaize papers that says he pay me off with in 3 month of that date at the end of December around 22 o 24 of 2014 hasn't paid me off the paper says a
yhat $1000.00 a month will be subtracted each month till he pays me off, i am sick of begging him for my insurance papers and stuff i have bout 17 months of insurance he has to carrier on me stuff and my support on time he thinks because i live here he can get a way with it i all ways have to fly there he dosnt to me told me stupid bitch no one going to help you if i have to go to washinton state he should pay car hotel air line ticket food any expense i occur while i am there. I real cant afford to go there we have no kids i just want my insurance information and cards so i can use the i am Bipolar ADD/ADHD PTS and learning disable have been on ss disabillited for 3 1/2 years it got so bad i cant work i was mental abused along with my medical stuff for 20 years and scared of him and what he do to me i hope some one a lawyer can send him a letter and scare him so he will follow what the divorce papers or tell me if I CAN HAVE HIM COME HERE AND PLAY BALL IN COURT here in North Carolina he took care of every thing shity to me I have my divorce pappers and the notarize papers from the bank about pay me off so he dont have to deal with me. He said he has no money he just in July a house know he owns om 1 street 3 houses and 3 empty lot all on same street, He works as a lead man boilers and refrigration same jop for over 32 years he makes 30 a hour I think he should have to pay for every thing his stupidity with this matter all because i dont live there he said He can get a way with it i need help i need to see a lawyer here were i live to help me or do i have to go back to washington state for the 3 time this year i dont want to go i have lots a problems with my medical thats wrong with me. Thank you very much Susan mathews my phone(###) ###-####
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 10 months ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
Unfortunately, if the WA court is where the divorce was conducted, you cannot force him to come to NC to answer for his contempt of court. The good side of this is that you do have a claim to file a motion for an order to show cause for contempt against him in the WA court and upon proving he has not been complying with the court orders as you stated above not only will he have to pay the medical costs not covered because of his insurance issues (if any), but also your costs and attorney's fees for having to take him to court in WA for his failure to just abide by the divorce agreement.
So, you will need to get an attorney in WA and file the contempt of court motion against him in WA and make him pay in the WA court, including for your attorney's fees there.

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