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Can cps take your kids if your not court ordered to do

Customer Question

Can cps take your kids if your not court ordered to do anything ,but a Guardian of Light"?? Knows you don't know your rights so they suggest all these courses and show up whenever they like without appointments and demand things you don't gotta have by law ...they've been called and out here over 30 times.. finally one lady didn't like me and opened a case.. now the case is spiraling out of control and off the subject...with 2-3 ppl coming out 2-3 times a day.. it's driving us insane
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
2-3 times a week.
The Guardian of Light ... Has been caught in numerous lies, leaves here and shows up at my parents house asking for me saying she can't find me. Saying the school has contacted her but when I call the teachers know nothing about it..(twice)
Telling me I better come up with a crib instead of a pack n play and saying rude comments like if I don't get one the same day it's a cps case I can't afford my kids... Not knowing I had 3 in the garage.. beats the door down on her surprise visits and won't even say who it is, then keeps demanding I need to just open the door. Signing my kids up for classes and stuff that's not court ordered. ..
After over 30 visits including while my 2 now 3 month old was on life support and machines in a coma were going to the kids school my parents my home ... Even after nothing had came back true... No positive screens no failed food home bed water dirty school health tests ... Nothing ... Ever !!! The tried to say I neglected my new baby because he was so sick... 3 days after being in the hospital they finally found out it was pneumonia!! And the nurses treated me like crap but the doctors finally to late , that I had noway and nothing to do with the baby getting pneumonia... The case is still open and they keep trying digging to find anything. . but I'm a single mother of 6... My kids are funny happy Honor Roll kids and my oldest Graduates early, this year.. I got in trouble for someone in 2004 and never been or have any drug charges felonies nothing. . but these last 2 months are hard and sad when it's my kids Dad and My cousin who married him calling ... My kids hide :(
When cars pull into the drive .. and can't afford the 1590-2500 $ down payment for a attorney..
But 32 Chagres of filing false reports and Slander and intimidation duress physical mental and emotional stress is starting to take its toll... I wake and fight the world as 7 ppl.. I may look 20 but I'm almost 40 with 6 kids.. and we're a Team.
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Hello: This isCustomer Welcome to JustAnswer! I am reviewing your post, and I will post my response very shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry, but I am having difficulty understanding your post.

Kindly review, edit, properly identify the parties and your issues, and resubmit.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi, I'm Jessica Gilbert, 35yr old Mommy of 6. My oldest son 17,graduates in May received a letter from the senator for his intelligence. Also have a 6-7& 8 yr old on honor roll. A 3yr old &3month old baby,who just survived a month @Riley Children's Hospital. I've never been in trouble for violence drugs crime or abuses I have no failed CPS test of any kind about 3 years ago I found out the hard way that my kids is father was marring my own cousin. Within this time CPS and DCs I've been to my home over 30 times they come out on weekends at night with cops. Nvr found anything wrong .a month ago the baby got sick and as soon as my cousin found out he was in the hospital they called numerous times to cps,(again)with the most craziest outrageous reports. The baby was admitted August 10th to Riley Children's hospital by August 12th he was put on breathing & feeding machines and in a medical induced coma. Days passes still didn't know what was wrong. by the 16h both of his lungs we're close and he was in respiratory failure. I was distraught, only for the disrespectful unprofessional caseworker keep Harassing me demand random drug screens, leave to show her our home lie and make up whatever she wanted .. All allegations were found False .. showed back up to ICU & inform me that she was going to open up a case against me any ways' that I should have known he was going to get that sick & had him there sooner ..He had a temp of 100.7 at 715 am had him at the hospital by 9am. the next 4-5 days he rapidly declined. Finally they diagnosed him with pneumonia... Me Not knowing all the staff had access to his files that slander in my name of neglect is all they seen,the hole stay was a nightmare, I was treated and looked at like a dog. Hated having to miss important things, like blood transfusions his breathing tube, waking up after weeks in a coma. w/21 page report of 95% made up stories. Criminal records of Jessica's that aren't even me. In court the kids is dad and my cousin are trying to make it a custody case .Act like they want to be parents but hasn't seen him in almost 10 months is in trouble for Government Benefits fraud, behind in support with 3 different abduction charges. I was never court ordered only recommended,so cooperated. Only court last week new judge with no information on anything the fathers have attorneys & my public defender wasn't even there. I have no clue why except the judge having concerns of the number of calls, unaware of my cousin,who also is employed by DCs is making the calls. Didn't care of the 32 X they've been to my home. Now I have a Guardian of Light, case manager, counselor and I find out today, the guardian has actually been a DCs worker this whole time. She been harassing threatening lying about so many things, I documented and confronted her with. lying about school calling her yesterday, of behavioral which is a lie because they get a point sheet everyday so I gave her once on the fridgerator this week where there teacher left comments on how amazing they have been. she showed up beating the door down and refuse after 4 X asking who it was. All shelling us she wasn't a caseworker she was now realizing and finding out that I had nothing to do with the baby getting pneumonia I couldn't stop it I couldn't prevent it end it hits babies so hard so fast and there's nothing I could have done. Both of my kids is Dad have attorneys my public defender never showed up. The DCS worker who is impersonating a guardian of light for the children there to help us first demanded she has access to me my home my children's morning noon and night that I answer to no one but her that my child could not sleep in the pack and play the other case worker okayed. Maybe go buy a crib by the time she got back at 4 and she never showed up two days later told me I wasn't home. She told me after a few visits a couple times a week now I need fitted sheets for all the beds. And that the three year old could not sleep in the Big Brother's bed that I need to buy him a new bed by Monday. I'll let her know about the lies she got caught in and why when she arrived she beat on my door as hard as a man over 18 times but would not answer me when I'd ask who it was. And then demanded the I open the door now she showed up at the Children's School yesterday the 15th and lied to me and told me but the children's teachers had called her what she has lied about before. She was telling me that the children were in trouble for Behavioral issues so I made sure to hand her there Point sheet. And read to her the teacher's comments on how awesome and amazing that they were doing and how they have been a great example for others..
Then she was so cruel and have the nerve to say my daughter brought up being touched Knew Too Much About Sex & was watching pornographic videos on the internet which is the LIE she knew they were touched years ago nothing
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Didn't mean to send wasn't finished rough draft...
As of now they have been out 4 times this week. I called to let the I have no idea what lady know that Sebastian had a doctor appointment for shots at 3 for school . Right when I though there was actually someone sent to help like she lead me to believe, she went back on the original reasoning for coming out this evening in her Tuesdays visit.
Saying she didn't really need to see the kids anyways she just wanted to meet them. Then said she would take me to the doctors visit.. that's what she was coming out for anyways. Only she didn't know about it because it was made yesterday Thursday. She was here Tuesday. So as my Aunt pulls in and kids are ready to go, some mobile testing car pulls up saying a cps worker sent her out for my random drug screen. . I let her know that not only was I never ordered for random drug screens I called 5-6 hours ahead of time to let them know my kids had to have their shots for school or I would get into trouble. She said to go to a clinic before 6 and the one closet to my house said that wasn't the place . But as the lady left she said she texted me the info.. witch she did not.
Now I really don't know what to do.
So before I have a total melt down because I have a dcs worker who hates they still have nothing, remove my kids for not having fitted sheets or the 3yr old sleeping in a full bed with his brother . .? And can they take them for lies i can prove..
I don't even know who to call or contact, because I have 32 filing false reports alone. Plus many many many more. But I feel like they are going to drive me insane before court in 4 days...please .
I don't know what to do at this point
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for the information.

I am sorry to read about your difficulties.

If your Public Defender is not assisting you, you need to file a request with the Court for another Attorney. When dealing with CPS issues where parental rights could be terminated, it is very important that you have a competent Attorney representing your rights. You should also call several legal aid services in your area to see if you can get some help. Click on this link to find free legal services in your area.

Best wishes,