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I have not had any contact with my son since 2011 I've been

Customer Question

I have not had any contact with my son since 2011 I've been paying child support from my job which automatically gets taken out I recently fell behind on my child support when I was laid off from my job I had no income come in for a while my X lived in Virginia and at the time we were living in Wyoming Wyoming law states that was soon as he turns 18 child support is over with but Virginia states that when he graduated from school that is when it is over with court order states that there are no child support after 18 years old my X check my son behind in school in order for her to collect another few months or you might say another school year of child support I have been financially devastated through the whole ordeal and no one would ever help me
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Maverick replied 11 months ago.

The state law for the state that issued your court order on child support governs here. So, if the court order regarding child support issued in WY, then you only have to pay child support according to that court order unless she went to court in VA in got the WY order modified. You should have received notice of that court date if something like that happened. Also, even if you fell behind on child support, you should still be able to have contact with your son as the two things are not dependent on each other.

So, if she checked your son into school after he turned 18 and did not modify the order first, she is doing so at her own risk.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
We have never been to court in Virginia I have never received a letter to go to court in Virginia the division of child support in Virginia trying to make me pay child support until May 2017 he turns 18 August 12th 2016 they sent me a letter stating that I will be paying until May 2017 and then after that I'll be paying my arrears that I own I think that is unfair and unjustly and to add to that I have never given them my parents address I have always giving you the address and which I live the letter went to my parents address which makes me think someone's doing some shady things I don't know how to deal with all this when I have lost so much
Expert:  Maverick replied 11 months ago.

Since there is no court order stating that you have to pay support till May 2017, the VA division of child support is going to have a hard time enforcing what is stated in its letter. So, just be sure to get paid up on your arrears and if they try to come after you for support past the age of 18, you can use the WY court order to defend yourself.

Expert:  Maverick replied 11 months ago.

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