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Hopefully being anonymous will garner some honest,

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Hopefully being anonymous will garner some honest, worthwhile answers, and guidance?
“Wills” have a worldwide history going back hundreds of years! You search for “Last Will and Testament” on the WWW and you will receive almost one billion “Results!”
In California law mandates anyone in possession of a “Will” MUST bring it to the local probate court of the deceased. The “Trust Attorney” that wrote the Will of Susana Sabado and her son-in-law attorney conspired for years to steal the estate of Susana Sabado and hid the Will away from the Courts. Executor Jeane Gregory PROVED the existence of the Will to the Court, yet, was ignored! The Court awarded the two criminal conspirators with the multi-million dollar estate!
In Arizona the same two lawyers brought the Will to get their hands on property the “Will” owned, the Estate owned, the “Executor” owned and with the help and assistance of the whole Phoenix, AZ legal “food chain” not only did they get the Executor of the Estate “trashed” they got control of the estate with the help of the Phoenix, AZ court!
Among all the things I have heard about “Wills” I have heard and read that they are a “Legally Binding Document” and if the named Executor does not want to “serve” he or she must prepare a “Decline to Serve” document before a replacement Executor can be appointed, named, or what have you. In California this was circumvented by hiding the Will away, in Arizona, this item was simply ignored! Even as Jeane Gregory, Susana Sabado’s NAMED Executor wrote them a letter that she DID NOT “Decline to Serve” and never had, not anywhere, not any place!
Hopefully the above gets your attention! So far I have found the USA’s legal system in regard to a Will to be a f**king cesspool! The following should expound on the story and what I need. You are lawyers, you should know what I need, and/or what I am missing to say/need since I am not a lawyer.
I was here in July 2013 and interacted with “PaulMJD” and he told me what had happened in this hiding of a California deceased’s “Last Will and Testament” was/is FRAUD. I proceeded to reach out to the Santa Clara County District Attorney. I received a letter from them in December 2013, fundamentally asking for more information. I provided by US Mail and several emails with copies of proof of the misdeeds. All 100% ignored by the SCCDA, no response, NOTHING!
Time passed weeks ago, 25 May 2016, I reached out to the SCCDA again by email, the “Ombudsman” which sent me an email saying he had forwarded to SDDA ***** *****-Sen the author of the December 2013 letter. This time they responded! With this message:
“Good Afternoon Mr. Gregory, Your correspondence was reviewed by both the Major Fraud and Elder Fraud Units. Both concluded that this is a probate matter, not a criminal matter. There is nothing further that this Office can do regarding this matter.”
Now in that email I made no bones about the timing of what had happened and when. I have been in contact with an attorney in Arizona that says she has a “ticket” for both Arizona and California law. Truth be told while this Arizona attorney is all over “time limitations” of addressing “Fraud” issues here, over the years, and recent contacts with California attorneys, this “time” issue has not been there. What happened in Arizona on this case is beyond belief for this member of the public that USED TO BELIEVE in Wills and the integrity, ethics and honesty of attorneys!
What I have read over the years is that “Wills” have a worldwide history going back hundreds of years. I have seen nearly a BILLION “Results” when you search the WWW with “Last Will and Testament.” I have seen California “mandates/law” (?) WHOEVER has possession of the “Will” MUST bring it to the Probate Court local to the place/home of the deceased. I have read more than once that a “Will” is a “Legally Binding Document.” I have read more than once that a testator’s chosen Executor may opt out of being “Executor” but MUST provide a “Decline to Serve” document before he/she can be replaced. I have not found anywhere that a “Will” expires after a few months, even years. Even “PaulMJD” whom professed to be a “California Probate Attorney” didn’t tell me about an “expiration date” for a “Will.”
So here it is, and I have absolute proof of all here: (incidentally, Susana Sabado is STILL deceased, and her “Last Will and Testament” HAS NEVER BEEN recognized in the State of California!)(For that matter, Susana’s wishes were not recognized in Arizona either) “Probate” has not been closed in either state.
July 1997, son-in-law attorney Glaser sent his elderly in-laws from Mountain View, CA to Antioch, CA for his buddy Harris to draw up “Pour-Over-Wills” and a “Sabado Family Trust” for Antonio and Susana Sabado, a 140 mile plus round trip. The Sabados named their eldest daughter, Jeane Gregory to be Executor of their respective Wills and “Sole Successor Trustee” of their “Sabado Family Trust.” (Two California attorneys starting a “Criminal Conspiracy” – one of them being a “TRUST” Attorney!
March 2009, Susana passed away, she was lucid and aware until the very end. Glaser had spent years attempting to get the Sabados to name him as their Estate’s Executor and Trustee. However, he had a “hole card” – his Criminal Conspiracy with Harris, the “TRUST” attorney that he had sent the Sabados on a 140 mile round trip to see. Susana passed on 19 March, on 26 March Harris cut a letter naming Glaser as “Trustee” of the estate. 1) Harris has never, never ever been in contact with Jeane Gregory named in Susana’s “estate documents” as Executor and “Sole Successor Trustee” and 2) refused contact attempts made by Jeane Gregory, and 3) the “Last Will and Testament of Susana Sabado” a “Pour-Over-Will” to FUND the Family Trust was nowhere to be found, it had been hidden away by Glaser and Harris.
January/February 2010 Harris took Glaser to the San Jose Probate Court and got him named as “Trustee” of the Estate. 1) The “Last Will and Testament of Susana Sabado” remained in the file cabinet of Glaser. They DID NOT BRING IT TO COURT contrary to those “mandates/laws” I read about, been told about, they are worthless? They have no “teeth?” They mean nothing? 2) The document they used to establish this “Probate” was the UNFUNDED “Sabado Family Trust” WITHOUT its accompanying “Pour-Over-Will” of Susana Sabado’s. I am told that WILLs NEED to go to “Probate” and “Trusts” are made to skip the “Probate” hassle. This is said to be multi-million dollar estate and the “mandates” say the Will of such an estate MUST go to the Probate Court! Glaser and Harris did not bring it to the Court!
May 2010, Jeane Gregory submitted “Pleadings” to the Court, and was tongue tied on “Court Call” – the “Pleadings” however were rampant with proof of the above statements, emails, letters and also in Exhibit “I” PROOF of the existence of the “Last Will and Testament of Susana Sabado!” There are also letters by Glaser stating the problems with the California “Heggstad Petition” they were using since they had hidden away the “Last Will and Testament of Susana Sabado.” The “Court” – Judge Cain – ignored proof of the existence of the Will, ignored proof of the Criminal Conspiracy of two California lawyers, and gave those two criminals control of a multi-million dollar estate!
Is this what “TRUST” attorneys do? What the f**k is the deal with “TRUST” attorneys if they do what has been done here? Is this SOP? What about “Wills” with their worldwide history going back hundreds of years? What happened to the California “mandates/laws,” just words? Do they have teeth? Do they mean anything? So, IF there are “mandates/laws” that insist that the Will be delivered to the Probate Court local to the deceased, and we PROVE THE WILL exists, and so much more, why is it ignored?
Where is the “Last Will and Testament of Susana Sabado?” Recall that Glaser and Harris did not “probate” it in California. They wanted to sell property in Arizona, Arizona wanted the Will probated, Glaser and Harris DID NOT WANT EXECUTOR JEANE GREGORY to officially become Executor, so they found plenty of Criminal Conspirators in Arizona. I think this item I found is appropriate for what played out in Arizona:
"All states maintain a general criminal statute designed to punish fraud. In Arizona, the statute is called the fraudulent scheme and artifice statute. It reads, in pertinent part, that "[a]ny person who, pursuant to a scheme or artifice to defraud, knowingly obtains any benefit by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, promises or material omissions" is guilty of a felony (Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 13-2310(A)). Fraud is most common in the buying or selling of property, including real estate."
So, I need some facts, legal codes, statutes, “rules of law,” brass tacks, addressing “Trust” attorney responsibility to their deceased clients, nomenclature, rule of law, on those “mandates/laws” about bringing the Will to the Court. And what about the Courts’ actions? They MUST have liability here!
Bot***** *****ne, I need some “magic bullets” to actually find an honest attorney, one that actually believes in the worldwide history of Wills going back hundreds of years, one that believes “TRUST” attorneys are to be trusted and believed by their clients planning for their passing away. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR about “State Bars” as I have spent YEARS contacting the “Bars” of California and Arizona, their only allegiance is to their fellow lawyers!
What has happened here in California and Arizona both, does not adhere to what a “Probate Court” is supposed to be, supposed to do. It is now June 2016, six years after the bogus “Probate” started in California, five years after “Probate” started in Arizona and NEITHER “Probate” is closed, and neither “Probate” has ever had an “Accounting!” Jeane Gregory, chosen as Executor of the testator of the “Last Will and Testament of Susana Sabado” has NEVER been recognized as such by California or Arizona. Bot***** *****ne, the ONLY people that know the value of the estate are Glaser and Harris, they must have had a valuable reason for starting this Criminal Conspiracy in July 1997!
In the years since Susana Sabado of Mountain View, California passed away, 19 March 2009, her Last Will and Testament and her chosen Executor, Jeane Gregory of New Bern, NC have been 100% ignored! In California as told, in Arizona, victimized by a corrupt legal realm! What parallel do you see here to the worldwide history of Wills going back hundreds of years? What parallel to the nearly one billion “Results” when searching the WWW for “Last Will and Testament?” Should what has happened be allowed?
I would think there are “protections” out there for a woman’s “Last Will and Testament” would you not? This woman’s WILL in particular has been hidden away in California from the Court and in Arizona a laundry list of corruption went 100% against all you hear about Wills! What does what has happened say about “Trust Attorneys” for instance?
What is to be done? 1) Harris and Glaser hid the Will from California Courts! 2) They took it to Arizona, and found corruption to help them in their crime! 3) I have read more than once that a Will is a “Legally Binding Document” that if a testator’s choice of Executor does not want to serve, he/she MUST provide a “Decline to Serve” document! Jeane Gregory has NEVER, NEVER EVER done that! The estate was stolen by outright corruption in two states! There MUST BE an honest, ethical, attorney out there, somewhere? Shouldn’t there be? Is a “Last Will and Testament” really just a piece of toilet paper in the USA? The worldwide history of Wills going back hundreds of years means not a f**king thing in the USA?
Maybe this is part of the problem? Are you part of the problem, or a part of the solution?
Harvard University - Center for Ethics - 01 December 2014 - "Measuring Illegal and Legal Corruption in American State: Some Results from the Corruption in America Survey" courtesy of (KTAR FM News, Phoenix, AZ) 05 December 2014 - "Arizona ranked above California, Kentucky, Alabama and Illinois, respectively, to be the worst for illegal corruption."
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 11 months ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. Yes wills are to be enforced as written in CA. A will must be presented to the court by the party who is seeking to enforce a will. Unless the attorney who writes the will is an executor of the deceased, the attorney does not have a duty to present the will to the court. In this case you are blaming the attorney for not bringing the will to court, so you would have to prove that the attorney was the attorney for the trust or executor and had more involvement in the matter than just writing the will. If you can do that you can sue the attorney for breach of fiduciary duty, but you need to hurry because the 4 year statute of limitations is running out on that.
CA has NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS and NO TIME REQUIREMENT on filing a will for probate.
At this point, you claim that the attorneys were negligent in handling of the estate, so what you are looking at would be malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty against the attorneys if they mishandled this estate and seek damages from them.

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