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Category: Family Law
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Experience:  Sworn to the California Bar in 2011. Former staff editor at The New York Times Co. and seasoned news professional of 20 years experience in the U.S. and abroad.
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In a shell, someone is demanding he is the father of my son.

Customer Question

In a nut shell, someone is demanding he is the father of my son. He is not, nor is he on my child birth certificate and signed papers for my food assistance stating he is not the father or anything to me. I'm the mother and he's lawyer is trying to file a abduction protection order against me. I told roommate I was moving out in February and now he's trying to steal my son. I did call the cops on him because he took my child with out my permission. I'm in fear for our lives. No judge has signed anything but lawyer is demanding things as if this guy is the father but isn't and doesn't have any documents stating he is anything to myself or my sons. Do I need a lawyer??
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Lawyer emailed me the forms but information is not accurate and doesn't state the truth. This guy is lying to his lawyer. I'm scared that not only have I moved on, I am living in a different state since before anything was filed. What do I do if I'm already living elsewhere. And here are the papers he tried serving me.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Roommate told me on 16th if July he was fighting for full custody and took off in he's moms car with my son. I called the cops and case # *****
Expert: replied 1 year ago.

Hi! I'm Scott, and I hope I can provide some useful perspective on this issue.

Be aware that I am licensed in California ONLY, and in any case, lawyers here cannot provide specific legal advice to specfici legal problems, rather only address legal principals generally.

Sorry, I've just been answering you question as there there was a danger of this person abducting your child.

On seeing the doc you sent: The short answer is, you proabably should consult a lawyer qualified in you current state. Or consult a lawyering in Colorado about stepping in on your behalf there, since you are out of state.

I don't know how far away you moved, but presumable it's a hardship to travel back to the court there, so you can ask for a change of venue.


File the response!

If you're out of state you still have 20 days or so to respond, but don't miss the deadline.

Sorry, but that's the best I can do without crossing the ethical line of offering legal advice: file a response before deadlin, and consult a lawyer.

If you need financial help, local legal aid should be able to provide some resources.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'll be paying for nothing in this advise since you are in another state and can not give me legal advice??