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My mother is soon to be 83 years old and starting to fail in

Customer Question

My mother is soon to be 83 years old and starting to fail in her health. I visit her when I can. The problem with only visiting her sometimes, I have family members that are calling making fun of my family, while my mom is on speaker phone. Please HELP!! This all comes from my dad being terminally ill with cancer in 2011. While visiting my father my siblings would yell and scream at the nurses. This was really uncalled for and so embarrassing to me & visitors. After many times of myself and my husband visiting my dad, I decided to start visiting him when they were not there. My siblings claimed to friends and family that I wasn't visiting my dying dad. Another account, I was visiting my mother for Mother's Day and my sister started beating me up. My heart was broken that I this was happening, as we were not raised to act like this. I called an officer for help, he advise me to watch my back and that I needed to press charges. I couldn't at the time as my dad was dying any day. Last time I visited my mom was May of 2016. When we arrived at her house, she was face timing my sister. When she found out we were at mom's house she came over, blocked the driveway, started cursing and swearing outside. We left with my sobbing mom to take her to dinner. When we returned to my mother's house, the phone rang, mom answered; the cursing and swearing started again. With my mom in tears and explaining to my adult children and their spouses and grandchildren, that she did not raise her children to act like this.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 1 year ago.

Hi and welcome to JA. Ray here to help you tonight.

Here your mother has right here to call the police and press charges.She has to stand up for herself and follow up with them.She could also sue here for harassment.Certainly she has remedies here but she has to do so.

And you can report sister to the police too and you may have a civil suit and could seek a restraining order as well.You have rights too and they include no harassment here and cursing at you.

I hope you will report this and make a record.You may want to ask t he police about a restraining order against the family members.I am so sorry they have done this you have rights to deal with this and consider your own lawyer to pursue a civil restraining order.

I do appreciate the chance to try and help you tonight and I wish you the best.