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My husband and I are filing and putting house up although

Customer Question

My husband and I are filing for divorce and putting house up for sale although there is little equity. He agrees I have full custody and the kids receive adoption support so I'm not asking for child support but when we full out divorce and parenting plan there is a whole lot of papers regarding child support. Since we are doing this ourself do we just leave that blank? He would fight me tooth and nail about child support and with our history I've chosen to just get this over asap. I do however want spousal support but not sure how to ask for that in forms. This divorce would be uncontested so we just want to full out forms correctly so not delay anything. Also we have a newer RV which I am a co signer on that payments are very high I he lives in it so how to I get out of that responsibility. It would be hard for kids and I to move forward with getting a home of our own with my name showing up on 100,000 plus loan and kids and I only receive. Adoption Support a state program. Thank you!! Your help much appreciated!! I cannot always count on my husband to be fair and he's very controlling so these are things I really need to know. Also he received 2 pensions and social security is there any way I could get ongoing help there after divorce? With 6 adopted handicapped children and I'm 54 the chances of my remarrying are slim to none so I'm just trying to find a way to survive long term. Many of the kids are teens and when they turn of age I lose Adoption Support so looking long term how to survive while also needing for husband to get so angry this goes to trial.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 1 year ago.

Hi and welcome to JA. Ray here to help you today..

You have marital rights here to spousal and child support even if you are receiving a subsidy and you can seek to require him to sell the rv or refinance it to his name only.It is worth it to you to fight for this because this all amounts to your retirement here.If you have too consider a lawyer to represent your.Here it appears there are real issues and he is not going to compromise on these.

You have the right to seek all of this.The court is unlikely to allow him to escape child support here, it may be a reduced amount but he would have to pay.

I mean you set the amounts you want here as far as spousal and child support, if he refuses to negotiate fairly you should also be looking for a lawyer to represent.

From what you present I do not see this all resolving, and that a lawyer to move forward is necessary as you are really far apart on a lot of these issues.It is critical you get the loan for the rv out of your name now or asap as you can because it impacts your credit and ability to borrow.

You are at the crossroads, if he will not agree to the amounts you seek you lawyer up and go to court.It is important to you and your families future.

Expert:  RayAnswers replied 1 year ago.

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The bot***** *****ne is that I see too many issues here, the house, the rv, spousal and child support, custody and visitation for this all to be resolved by agreement.A controlling ex here is also a factor and a lawyer can create some distance.The lawyer would force him to negotiate fairly here to resolve the issues.

It is one thing for a simple divorce no house, no kids, no large debt, you have too many complicating factors if he will not work with you.You can try to negotiate, I suggest you create a talking points list of what you need and see if he will budge.If he will not look for a lawyer.This is critical for you because the support you get will help you move on here long term.

I appreciate the chance to help you today and wish you the best.

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