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I am from Argentina, my husband and s parents from India. My

Customer Question

Hi. I am from Argentina, my husband and his parents from India. My husband and I are permanent US residents. My parents in law visited three times from India with a visa, each time they made us fight to the point of almost divorcing. They are here now, this is the third time, we are in the middle of a war, they have tickets to return to India on August 3rd and today my husband told me they will stay until we iniciate divorce since they wanna make sure we do it this time, that meaning they want to extend their stay. I don't want them to stay a single more day, do they have the right to do that even when I don't authorize it? (Inside our house I mean) Also they gave me jewelry, now they want it back and they are accusing me of steeling it if I don't give it back and they (I mean the three of them, my husband and his paremts) intimidate me by threatening with deporting my 70 year old mother who is undocumented and lives with us. She has been here eight years, entered with a visa and overstayed it since she was by herself in Argentina and I have the intention of legalizing her once I become a citizen in 18 months. Please help me, I'm so scared! My husband is verbally, psicological and sometimes even slightly physically abusive, one day I thought he was gonna hit me while I was holding my baby so I called the police, since we were just legal aliens at that point I didn't want to get him in trouble so when police arrived I told them he actually hadn't done anything to me so they ended up taking me to jail instead. I got out the following date, no charges and later I became a resident but once when entering the country through Miami I was stopped and interrogated due to that, will I have issues becoming a citizen? have never had any crime other than traffic tickets, thank you so much!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

No, you would not have issues naturalizing because of the incident. However, if asked to explain it by Immigration, you need to tell the truth of what happened.

No, your parents-in-law do not have the right to dictate what you and your husband should do. You should not be pressured into getting a divorce. If you do not want to get a divorce, you should not go through with it. You should take your time considering your situation and figure out whether or not you really want to stay in this marriage or want out.

You would need to speak with your husband about his parents vacating the premises and leaving as planned.

As for the jewelry, you do not have to return it. It is yours. You need to make sure that you can remember under what circumstances the gift was given and the approximate day and date it was given. Do not allow them to pressure you into giving the gift back. The jewelry is yours.

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