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Ely, Counselor at Law
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  Private practice with focus on family, criminal, PI, consumer protection, and business consultation.
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I have a women named megan **** who worked as my son *****'s

Customer Question

I have a women named megan **** who worked as my son Christopher *****'s cps worker for about ten years give or take my son is 21 years old this x-mas this women has been stalking me spying on me in my home trying to get people to falsify paper against me trying to have me wrongfully incarcerated or put in a mental health institution she moved my son to California for years lied to me telling me he didn't want to see me he himself said it was a lie right in front of her I did open adoption agreements with my children and cps and they had no right to move him out of state them removing him from my life and me from his for six years was against our court ordered rights this since my son started running away from he foster homes and coming back home to me before he turned eighteen and still to this day this crazy racist discriminating women has been watching me everything I do following me all around the city from store to store Dr's appoinments interfering in my medical business I believe she has a relative by the name of Dr katlyn ***** who I'm involved with on a civil law suit for forcing medication on me while a racist neighbors of mine she involved lied to the courts on me and had me wrongfully incarcerated for weeks thrown out my home kept from thousands of dollars worth of property of mine was thrown in the streets as she megan **** Dr katlyn ***** and a black man with her (megan *****) calling himself Christopher ***** have been following me everywhere I go for the last four plus years now threatening to rape me and kill me I had found a camera in my bedroom at my old home they got the judge to kick me out of that's why they lied to the courts on me I lived at ************** I know live at ************************************ this women and all the people she's involved are threatening my life daily invading my privacy in my home and when I leave my home daily there on cameras at safway grocery stores at rite aid pharmacy where she has tried to get them to switch out my medication for something that will harm me I've had a heart attack and now am on hart medication because of the stress these God offal people have put on me I have reported them to the attorney generals office and fbi and aclu and civil rights services and the naacp office THIS WOMEN AND HER ACCOMPLICES ARE REALLY TRYING TO HURT ME IN A SERIOUS WAY OR HAVE ME LOCKED UP TO HURT ME TO TAKE ME FROM MY FAMILY AND CHILDREN SIX KIDS AND EIGHT GRANDCHILDREN I'VE ALREADY HAD A MENTAL HEALTH EVALUATION DONE AT SOUND MENTAL HEALTH ON OLIVE WY AND 9TH AVE WHY THEY ARE TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TO FALSIFY PAPERS AGAINST ME WHILE THERE STALKING ME AND INVADING MY PRIVACY WHILE I'M IN THE PRIVACY OF MY HOME THEY SOME HOW ONCE AGAIN NO EVERYTHING I'M DOING IN MY HOME PROBABLY RECORDING ME IN MY HOME I KNOW THEY ARE SOME HOW WATCHING EVERYTHING I AND MY FAMILY ARE DOING IN THE PRIVACY OF MY HOME POSSIBLY BY CAMERAS AGAIN I WILL AND AM TAKING A LIE DETECTOR TEST THIS WEEK TO PROVE MY STORY TO BE TRUE THEY ARE AWARE OF THIS TO I FEAR FOR MY LIFE EVERY DAY AS HER AND A BLACK MAN SHE'S ALWAYS WITH THREATEN MY LIFE TELLING OTHERS I KNOW TO MUCH AND THEY HAVE TO KILL ME I BELIEVE THIS DR. KATLYN ***** A FAMILY MEMBERS OF THE CPS MEGAN ****** FORCED A HUMAN TRACKING DEVICE IN ME WHEN SHE FORCED MEDICATION ON ME I AM GOING TO HAVE MY BODY SCANNED FOR THAT TO SHE HAS BEEN TRYING TO GET OTHERS INVOLVED INTO HER DISCRIMINATING AGAINST ME AND TRYING TO GET PEOPLE DR'S PHARMACYS AND OTHER KING COUNTY EMPLYEES TO HURT ME I'VE BEEN LUCKY NO ONE IS WILLING TO DO HER DIRT I HAVE A SARGENT 16 YEARS IN THE ARMY WHO US VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS SITUATION THEY PUT ME IN AND THE FACT THAT THERE ON A POWER TRIP TRYING TO HURT HIS MOTHER WHILE THEY DISHONOR HIM AFTER SERVING FIVE YEARS AT WAR MY PHONE NUMBER IS ************* MY NAME IS LINDA ***** AND I HAVE A SON NAMED EDWARD ******************* I DID A OPEN ADOPTION AGREEMENT WITH AND THE WOMEN WAS ALLOWED TO MOVE TO TEXAS WITH HIM AND COURT ORDERED TO BRING HIM TO SEATTLE ONCE A YEAR SHE NEVER DID I HAVE NOT SEEN HIM SINCE HE WAS THREE YEARS OLD CPS WILL NOT AND NEVER HAS HELPED ME GET MY RIGHTS MET AS I HAVE ASKED OVER THE YEARS HE COULD BE DEAD THEY ARE ALWAYS TRYING TO SET ME UP TRYING TO COVER UP THERE WRONG DOINGS TO ME AND MY FAMILY
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Ely replied 1 year ago.

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I am sorry to hear about this situation, Linda. What exactly can I answer for you in regards ***** ***** situation, i.e. what is your question?

This is not an answer, but an information request. I need this information to answer your question. Please reply, so I can answer your question. Thank you in advance.