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I am single mother of 2 children a 17 yr old daughter and 24

Customer Question

I am single mother of 2 children a 17 yr old daughter and 24 yr old son with cerebral palsy and cognitive delay. I am 53 yrs old and have cared for them both their whole lives without any help. They are both great!
But my mother is nascissitic. I lived with a younger man the past 3 years. a year ago she found out he was living with us. He never hurt us. My mother never talked to him.
When she found out about younger man, she TOLD ME over a year ago, Wait until I come back and take you kids!! She took me to court and won guardianship over my son, he was taken from me and put in a group home.
He has been there 9 weeks, I only get to see him one hour a week, and call him 2 times a week. I cannot take him anywhere.
He is SOOOO saddddd. . He is so innocent and doesnt' understand. For past 10 days he has been crying and calls me.
ever week when I see him, he is unshaven, usually skin greasy, fingernails long, and his teeth are AWEFUL they told me they help him brush . . I finally did it, the toothbrush was bone dry
last friday I saw hinm and OMG this is NOT MY LIL BOY
he was ALWAYs very strong and could get himself n and out of his wheelchair . . in and out of the toilet and walk in shower. On this day, he looked thinner than he used to and very weak. He could not transfer himself at all. He litterally couldn't talk. . He was stuttering JUST terrible, He NEVER stuttered. . jyust for him to say OK. . . he said. . o, o, o, o, o, o k It was heart breaking. His arm was red from him biting himself. I had him sit on my lap. . HE NEver DOES THAT. . . He put his head on my shoulder and didn't want to get off. . .He reached up and put his hand around my throat 3 times.. HE HAS NEVER DONE this. i whispered and asked him is someone did that to him. .he said YES
He gets Migraines, lotta times from stress. He was sitting on my lap and told me he had to puke. I hollared for a pail. and woman working at the home AND my son case worker. . Said what's the matter????? THey saw NOTHING wrong. I told him he may hav3e a sore throat. . he never talks the way he did. .that was Friday, it is now Monday, he has called me multiple times crying and studdering, and YET has NOT EVEN gotten an asprin, or tylonal and pretty sure he won't get to doc today or any medical relief. I would NEVER let my kids be sick without helping them!!!! and OMG sad sad sad!! But there is more , , ,he told my daughter that case worker has been mean to him. BUt that I cannot prove.
I took him in the bathroom, He could not get on the toilet by himself. I have not had to lift him in 9 years. He sat on toilet bare butt. . didn't go. . . for 30 minutes. I tried to get him off and he put death grip on hand rails.
we got him in his room. My daughter and a friend of hers was with me. Me and daughters friend were in sons room with him, Son's back is to the door, my daughter walked in and came a foot behind his wheelchair, My son Whipped around and looked, BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN A LOOK OF FEAR ON HIM LIKE THAT. My DAUGHTERS FRIEND kniows him well and she saw it too and said SOMETHINGS VERY WRONG!!!
i AM afraid to say anythging because after about a week of my son calling me daily crying and just sad sad sad, asking me to come get him, I received a call from the case working. . Telling me they have concerns abpout allowing my phone calls to continue because the house workers told her that every time he gets off the PHONE with ME. . He is very upset. I got angry, I told her the girls need to pay attention to what he is like when they are dialing the phone, because he called ME crying like 11 days now. Yes, love to tell him Im gonna bring him home, but I don't, I'm afraid if i shake ANYTHING, I'll loose my son vistations. I just try to calm him down.
So i been recording our conversations and was told I cannot do that.
My mother has not talked to me or my children in over a year, no holiday, no presents, nothing. They didn't do anything, actually i didn't either. She has always been overbearing controlling person who will make ALL her kids do what SHE want at ANY COST, CUZ SHE WILL WIN, NO MATTER WHAT.
bUT AT WHAT COST, I'm miserable, he is miserable, and not being groomed very well, loosing muscle, weight, no care when sick, and NONE of them even KNOW. if my mother was around him, she would havw no clue there was a problem either, she doesn't know him well enough.
The house I have I bought for my son 23 years ago because I knew he had to have a wheelchair. Yes I used his income to help pay bills, my house is now being foreclosed
I don't know which way to turn. please help me
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
First off if he is not getting proper care, you need to call adult protection services for abuse of the disabled an they will investigate. You need to present them the information proving that your son was doing well before being in the home and they have caused his condition to deteriorate.
Also, you need to take your mother to court and you need to get the guardianship vacated, which is going to require you getting an attorney, because you cannot do this without an attorney. You are going to have to present evidence to the court that the child does not belong in any such home and that your mom as guardian putting him there was a failure to provide proper care for him and get the court to terminate her guardianship.
Those are the two steps you need to take to try to get your son back here and get your mom out of this. Once you do so and you win, then you can sue your mother for the infliction of emotional distress and any harm she cause to your child from her improper actions.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** NOT being cared for properly and just want to come home. My mother is EVIL this was JUST To PROVE to me. . SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHTDo you have any suggesyion on where I can find a lawyer or where to look? I lost 2/3 of my income, and I know my great house adapted for my son will be GONE before I possibly even get him back
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your reply.
I gathered that he is not being properly cared for from your information above.
As far as attorneys, if you cannot afford an attorney at or http://www.lexmundi.omc, then you would need to contact the state bar to see about the pro bono or low income attorneys in your area who can assist you in getting him returned to you.