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S. Kincaid
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My sisters child recently Ran away from home she was rapped

Customer Question

My sisters child recently Ran away from home she was rapped buy her boyfriends older uncle she tryed overdose but she was brought in to the hospital. when the parents got there they where told that anyone involved needed to be talked with and if not talked to that all who didnt would be put in jail. And that my sister and her ex-husband would be taken in for neglect. Is this something that the city of las vegas can really do? Even though my sisters kid is 13 and she has a record for runing away and fighting?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  S. Kincaid replied 1 year ago.
It all depends on the specific circumstances of this case. If your sister and her husband didn't engage in behavior to try to stop your niece from running away, or if they created an environment that encouraged your niece to run away, they could be held responsible. They could also be responsible for not taking appropriate steps to retrieve her after she ran away. If any of their behavior or inaction endangered their daughter, they could be held responsible. On the other hand, if they did everything reasonable expected of parents to address the running away and to find her after she ran away, then there would be nothing to hold them responsible for. Rarely would such "neglect" (if it existed) rise to the level of a criminal act. If no crime occurred, then there would be no basis to arrest them. Do you have any other questions?