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Ely, Counselor at Law
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  Private practice with focus on family, criminal, PI, consumer protection, and business consultation.
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Domestic violence case 1 pending out of two in criminal court,

Customer Question

Domestic violence case 1 pending out of two in criminal court, false allegations to gain cuatody of children im taking to jury trial she gave two version, night of the arrest at some point my knowledge never got close to her when i was i was with my back to her hands up telling her she needed to go back to her room. Emergency protevtive order expired not granted the follow up due to me recording her spanking my 3 yr old 13 times for not sharing a piece of gum, her sister gets 6 spanks for grabing her makeup that she left on the bed minutes before, she has been diagnostic in July 2015 major depression deficit reconcurrent event, from when she was in a marrige before me physiological problems before our dating and counseling in mexico, now a case i opend with CPS FOR CHILD ABUSE apperrently ignored and closed never looked at maybe because im pending criminal court but thats not about me thats the children. Also have recording telling my son she will pull pants down if he dont what she states want done. Called oakland pdd in aug 30, 31, 17 times that she was beeting the shit out of me bites bruces scratches, ripped shirt and in investigation that day she states i did not lay one finger on her witch has been the truth since. Called may 2 or 3 regarding her verbal abuse pusshing buttons for me to get caught back in a legal case she snatshed the phone from my hand wile on the stress call, they called back but she decline the call they did show up for a male victum till 1:30am apperantly tried to get in touch, called the next day advised the officer what happen advisedmshe was violating a court ordermof not keeping domestic violence in front of the children "cant arrest her because she is not here" asked for protection order same response imsaid i can give you the adress sated i have to look up the court order, looked in system no order found offered to go to my house 5 blocks awaymyo show proof "cant do that". Asked for a citizens arrest he responded i would have to also talk to her then you both may be "arrssted". I stated so nothing i can do to prevent domestic violence he stated move out. Easy right just got a job management with autozone havent worked ran out of unemployment since jan2016 process of eviction because she gets walfare money and does not worrynabout rent and we owe back rent i already sleeped 3 days near the police station showed proof he laugh and said good you doing the right thing. As a male been descriminated on aug2015 17 calls 911 and nonemergency walked to the department on 73rd ring emergency button nobody responded. Had custody from november27 to dec 18th i arrived late 10 minutes kids were too sick to stay in preschool they did not allow them, judge dismiss my case, she arrives 45 to an hour late 2 times always had me wait to see if she would show up. Never dissmissed the cases she dont work walfare dependent and food stamps non resisdent status, advised fraud when she filled i wasmnot home to receive more money and nothing was done for fraud, lies. Her un regularly emotional status effecs her way of being some times sleeping all day, not to mention possible pill popper and nightquil abuse due to from aug2015 to dec 2015 she had about 10 Emergency room visit out come contact psychology department for appoiments, but has alway blamed me for her health and well being since she heard or someone advised her it was going to pook bad not good in family court from jan to date never return to ER or has had any attacks liie shw did in the past, anxiety attacks. Got alot more eve ts with physical proof, filled with police department a repor for spouse mental abuse, she was trying to make me believe i was loosing control and my mind. Any help against her against police CPS WEMGOT TO GET THIS STRAIGHT MALE NOT ALWAYS THE INTRUTOR, LIKE ME CALLING FROM A NON WORKING PHONE FOR HELP 911 BECAUSE SHE TOOK THE WORKING PHONES AND I GET ARRESTED.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.
I have carefully reviewed your post. However, I did not see a specific question. What is your specific question?