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Joseph Rizzo
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My daughters Dad has custody of our daughter. I left the relationship

Customer Question

My daughters Dad has custody of our daughter. I left the relationship which was abusive with nothing to live an abuse shelter. I always had intentions of fighting for my rights to our daughter when I got better and stronger. Ididnt see my daughter for a cpl years as he made it nearly impossible for me and my family to have any reasonable contact. He moved to MI and was charged with felony charges for manufacturing and delivery of marijuana. He fled MI. with my daughter and came back to WI. when she was 5. He is currently serving a 2 plus yr sentence in federal prison. I have been in my daughters life steady for 2.5 years. He father can be very intimidating and manipulative so I have been careful and have always recognized what was best for our daughter. Her Aunt (his sister) has my daughter. They have been reprimanding my daughter for asking me to spend more time with me (she just recently told me) and they have been lying to me for a yr now telling me our daughter doesnt want to live with me. Only visit and I should stop talking to her about staying with me more because (according to her Dad) it upsets her. I now know that they have been manipulating my daughter and me. Her Dad wrote me asking me to PLEASE just be a fun Mom and let his sister take care of the important things. Recently my daughter had surgery on her broken wrist. Not only do I know how she is still covered under badgercare (state insurance) but I am also being ordered to pay child support. I was never told about surgery until after and my daughter wants me at the next surgery writing it the time the place and the Dr name on my calendar when her aunt found out i was going she asked me to not go because she lied and told the dr that me as well as my daughters dad were not in the picture. she is afraid of the state ins finding out. My time with kailee is grossly controlled by his family. They lie to me and our daughter, They dont let her call me and she is ready as well as me to end this craziness. Can I get custody? She has NO one to be legally responsible for her. there is no legal guardianship. I am able to care for her and she needs me. What do I do? her father and family is lying and inhibiting my relationship with my 8 yr old daughter. Her Dad is halfway across the country and doing all he can as well to keep me at bay....until he gets out. HELP
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Joseph Rizzo replied 1 year ago.
Hello, Your best recourse is to just file for custody and support. I suggest you file it in your home county but you might be forced to transfer it the home county where your daughter lives. Time is of the essence here because he is in jail and you want to get a decision before he gets out. Especially if there is no custody order in place you want to be first filer. Consult an attorney in your area if you need a referral you can contact the Wisconsin Bar or(###) ###-####or(###) ###-####(in Dane County and outside of Wisconsin). I hope this information is useful. Do you have any other questions I can help you with, if not please don't forget to provide positive feed back if you found the information helpful. Good Luck.
Expert:  Joseph Rizzo replied 1 year ago.
Hello, Is there anything else I can help you with?Regards,Joe