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What is the IL law regarding child support once one of the

Customer Question

What is the IL law regarding child support once one of the two children's turns 18 and is emancipated? What is the percentage reduction of overall child support if not stated in agreement? Need specifics. Example child support of both children per month is $2800. What is the go forward amount with only one child? My wife's income has increased to over $200,000. Does that factor into the conversation?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 1 year ago.
Hi, I'm Heather S. and would be glad to assist you with your inquiry today. This will be for informational purposes and not considered legal advice.
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 1 year ago.
It will take me several moments to compile the response for you; please bear with me a moment.
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 1 year ago.
It appears that in Illinois, child support is based on the number of children and the non custodial parent's income. If there is one child, the child support is 20% of the noncustodial parent's net income. If there are two children, the child support is 28% of the noncustodial parent's net income. In some states, the child support calculation also includes consideration of the custodial parent's income, but in Illinois, it appears this is not the case. Therefore, your wife's increase in income should not make any difference. Under your example, the child support for 2 children is $2800. Assuming this is calculated under the Illinois Statute and is not a deviated child support order, then once the older child is no longer eligible for child support to the custodial parent, the child support for the remaining child would go down to $2000.
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 1 year ago.
Illinois has a helpful website that includes child support information. It is as follows:
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 1 year ago.
I hope I have been of assistance to you. Please remember that this is for information only and not legal advice.If there is nothing further, I would love a positive rating from you!Best,Heather
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 1 year ago.
Hi again,I have not heard from you since I answered your question. Have I answered your question to your satisfaction? This conversation thread is remaining in my que until I hear from you that I have given you a satisfactory response. Could you please respond and let me know that my response to you was satisfactory. If it was not, please allow me to further assist you.Best,Heather S, Attorney