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A nursing home has barred me from seeing my 92year old paralized

Customer Question

A nursing home has barred me from seeing my 92year old paralized Mother. She says she wants to see me and wants me to have power of attorney and medical power attorney which I had before my son and nephew steped in. My son is an intesive care nurse both with a major hospital and the airforce reserves. I know he does not like my Mom but thought he loved me. He has organized the grandchildren and the nursing home to act like a lynch mob against me. I'm getting no support from community agencies. Actually they seem to be acting against me and my Mom. Mom has been in the nursing home since December and seems now to be resigned to the situation as reported to me by friends.
Im told I will never see my mother again. Im a good honest person with no record. Retired public school music teacher, Landlord, choral directior. Not a violent bone in my body, but they are saying I hit my 5'9"mother (I'm 5'2") am a danger to nursing home staff, administration and patients. I'm also female. Have gone through two attornies and written letters. This started with my moms major stroke November 4th. What ar they doing to me and hw can I fiight it?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.
I am sorry to read about your difficulties. The only way to fight is to file lawsuit against the nursing home and the people who have medical power of Attorney for your mother for access to your mother. If you have gone through two Attorneys, it may be difficult for you to find another Attorney because your potential Attorneys may presume that you are a difficult client. However, after hearing your side of the case and why the previous Attorneys left, the Attorneys would form their own opinions about you and the merits of your case and may therefore agree to represent you. You can use the following sites to find local Attorneys that handle health care and elder issues to assist you with the case: Goodluck with your case and I do hope that you get to see your mother very soon. Kindly give a positive rating to my post so that I can receive credit for answering your question—so that part of the deposit that you already paid to the site can be transferred to me. You are not charged extra for doing this. Thank you for your cooperation.