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The name on the bond is the name that is from a long term

Customer Question

the name on the bond is the name that is from a long term relationship and my family thought we were married and used the aka name and not the name that I use-All my legal papers use the last name I was born with.
How do I cash these ee bonds that have matured with out a marriage certificate or other legal papers showing the 2 names. my bank is not very well versed with bonds.
thank you for your help,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I do have a document that's called a springing general durable power of attorney that notes the aka name. is this helpful
Expert:  Gerald-Esquire replied 1 year ago.
Hello,Thank you for using Just Answer. I want to provide you the best service I can. Please feel free to ask any follow up questions you have.I am an attorney with 30 years of experience; I hope to provide you information that will help you in resolving your question. The Durable POA is useful to help prove the AKA. Normally all you need to do is to Endorse the Bond with both signatures. Sometime it is helpful to have a notarized statement from someone who knows you and knows that you have the AKA name. Your difficulty may be that you took the Bonds to the wrong bank. Not all banks handle Savings Bonds. You need to take them to a federally regulated bank as opposed to a state regulated bank. Sometimes you may have to send the Bonds to a Federal Reserve bank so that they can be redeemed for cash. See if you can get the notarized statement, take the POA, and the Bonds to a federally regulated bank. If they do not feel they can help you ask them to assist you in sending the Bods to a federal reserve bank to be cashed. I hope the information I provide is useful to you. I want you to be comfortable and satisfied with my attempt to assist you. Please, if you have ANY follow up questions, feel free to ask. Please note that I am generally unavailable Friday evening through Sunday. Please do not forget to give me a positive rating. It adds nothing to your costs but it helps me greatly. Thank you.If you are dissatisfied with my response PLEASE let me know before giving me a negative review so that I may try to be of better assistance. Or if you prefer, let me know and I can “Opt Out” and your question can be re-posted without additional cost to you. I will be fair to you and only ask the same from you.Good luck. Please note: Information is educational and not given as legal advice. Only your local attorney can give legal advice. I can't establish or accept an attorney-client relationship with you. All posts are available for public viewing. Kind regards,Gerald