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My family and I had a house fire, thankful it only burned out

Customer Question

My family and I had a house fire, thankful it only burned out part of our kitchen. I posted on Facebook asking for prayers and help. My children were on Spring Break, so we were lucky in a sense. I am going to make this as short as I can. Someone called the 1-800 number and said we had a meth lab, or the fire was from a meth lab, (I learned this later when I called to talk to a supervisor). My house was a mess, we had cleaned every room out, saved what clothes that we could from smoke damage, and piled them in the bathroom floor. My children were staying with their uncle and grandma, we live really close together, no more than 15 steps from my door to either ones door.
The day they came in, I had to be at the post office around 10:45 am, my contacts were coming in and I had to be there to sign for them. I got home, went into my bathroom, took a blue contact out, put a green one in, walked into my bedroom and ask my boyfriend which looked better, no response.....he was still asleep. We had been cleaning and working up into the wee hours of the night so my house would be safe for my children. When I came home, I left my front door open (because of the smoke smell), before I knew it, there was a state police in my house, "state police". I have cameras so I looked up on the wall and sure enough, cop car and CPS in the driveway, and inside my house without me telling them they could come in. Woke my boyfriend up. Gave us both sobriety tests, searched my home, put me out of my home while they went through my house. Opened the refrigerator door, a bottle of ketchup, yeah.....lead the worker out on the porch where there were two 30 gallon tall kitchen bags (maybe bigger) of food that we had cleaned out of the refrigerator and cabinets. She said there is clothes all over the bathroom floor....yeah that's where the washer and dryer are. Law ask me if there was anything my boyfriend wanted to say, he shook his head no. I kept asking qts, why are you here, who called, they said what? I want to know who lied on me. Where are your children? I just got home, I am not for sure if they have woke up and swayed from their uncle and their grandma's house. Which is literally spitting distance from where we are. (One of the reasons she took my child-who by the way is 16.) This cop is going through every inch of my house looking for something, anything to use against us. Do you take suboxone? this worker ask me, no, used to. I tell her, like I tell her every other week when she is harassing me. But I also tell her that I would use suboone if I felt like I was going to relapse, this is no news to here ears she has heard it all before, many times. (and I am working with them to get placed in the hospital, she must have lost her memory.) FUNNY RIGHT? Cop is still going strong, like I said one of the reasons why they took my child was because of clothes laying in the floor, but by the time the law was finished, you could not see my floor. Law asks, anything else you want to tell me about, I say no, boyfriend says no. There is nothing. I ask about a search warrant when he first started. He said, "If you are not hiding anything, I don't need a search warrant, asking for a search warrant means you are guilty of something, No we are not, just don't want you destroying what we have left. He called me into my bedroom, ask me to close the door behind me, ask me who the suboxoe WRAPPER belong to and I said me, I used to be in the clinic. He tells me he does not believe me, I tell him to run the number on the back, and see. THis upsets him, so he ask if I had anything on my person, I say no, he don't believe me, ask me to show him. I pull out my shirt, shake my pants, he says no show me, moves his idex finger to tell me to pull up my shirt, I do, ask me to pull my bra away from my breasts, and shake the bra, to show him I had nothing in my bra, then the idex finger tells me to drop my pants I do. No one could have been as happy as I was in that moment because I have home surveillance! YAY YAY ok, back to my story, He wants to know if there is anything else he should know about, no again, are you sure, no again. Then a few minutes later it dawned on me, that he has found my kittens in a box, and in a tote two droppers that look just like needles, but they are for administering medicine to children. I try to tell him that they are not what he thinks they are, try to show him, he says he does not care, but if I want to keep my children I will give him a reason to take my boyfriend to jail. UMMMM no. Social worker was at my mom's house, whom by the way got a lawyer, and is getting restraining orders against her because of the way she just barged in and had the children screaming and crying. We called her supervisor who said she was just strog willed. Worker said we was both high, did not know where children were at, no food, and we were in the back of the we were 2 ft from LR, BF was
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.
Hello, Were you arrested and charged with anything? What was the result of this search? What is your question with regard to this incident?