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On what grounds can I pressure a (deeply biased judge who

Customer Question

On what grounds can I pressure a (deeply biased judge who has allowed flagrant violations) to give me a continuance for the sixth time?What can I do? How can I stop this?Divorce trial begins tomorrow. I have not filed anything. I have a TBI and PTSD as a result of (mostly undocumented battery by spouse). I was forced to represent myself a year ago. I tried to get a continuance with good cause. Judge refused. I went to trial with attorney that day and he got continuance but for nine months kept getting continuance and did nothing he colluded with opposing counsel. They maligned me and lied about my cond=dition. When i provide doctors note asking for money entitled to me and time to seek treatment for injuries, they tried to force a GAL and railroaded me. When I began to show corruption, judge shut me up in court and didn’t give me the GAL but said I could represent myself. I cannot. I have injuries that prevent me from being able to do the tasks. I am not incompetent but I am disabled and unable to function ion a trial at this time.I filed ADA accommodations and got some but now many. I hired Legal Abuse consultant. She and my attorney screwed me out of $17.5 K and further destroyed my case. I said I cant write and type because of shoulder injury and now judge is forcing me to do so with the accomodations. I tried to change this and he refuses.I have gone through a few very abusive incept lawyers, two of which breeched client confidentiality and colluded with opposing counsel to cause great harm to me. (They were bribed by opposing counsel with my stocks which are being withheld. They put me into an untenable position, malign me then demand I sign over to them).Other party and my own attorneys have maligned me, lied, set me up incited and tried discredit me. I react because I have a frontal lobe injury and I get upset from the threats, abuse, lies, and games in court. I am being treated like a disordered person not a disabled person. When I fired attorney, noting was done on case. I fell into deep depression and could not function for two weeks after the court experience. I got classroom clerk of court saying trial had been postponed. It was a lie. Only third day was postponed.I am going to trial with nothing. No evidence, no papers written and noting. I have TRO to face tore though the abuser has fabricated everything to get the order with help from my attorney who refused to give me access to property so I wet to road to take photos of property, staying 150 from house. Spouse came abutted and took photos of me, and claims I am stalking him He in fact placed a tracker on my car while I was in hospital as a result of him and he go to location I am at chad claims I am staling him. he uses technology in every manner to malign me.I filed complaint with Dept of justice nearly a year ago and they are now dragging their feet. The judge is keeping my service dog from me, believing husband’s false claims that he bought her. The judge has no right to even rule on her as she is premarital property. And now she is going to be decided along with everything . How can I stop this?None of the issues were decided. Bit my husbands attorney has claimed there is just a cow things to determine. This is all a nightmare.i learned that husband has lied on disclosures, he didnt disclose secret appraisal, etc. I told opposing counsel I an too sick to go to court (true) and she emailed judge she demanded I go.I have a doctor who verified that I am not well enough because I am too stressed by PTSD. I need treatment for my TBI and I have been hampered from this by being starved out of funds and intimidated each tie I try to get help when husband interferes by intercepting my medical data through insurance. I need to compete a treatment plan to determine what it will take to get a reasonable settlement. Husband claims he has not jig to do with TBI. Sherrifs are complicit.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  FamilyAnswer replied 2 years ago.

Good morning. I certainly understand the situation and your concern. A continuance can be granted upon the showing of good cause. If you are asking for the 6th time, you need to present evidence to show the Judge that 1) you are not prepared and 2) by denying your continuance would create unfair prejudice for you. You need and want to show everything you have been doing to prepare and get ready over all this time and lay it out for the Judge in the body of the motion. The goal, as I shared, is to show the additional time needed is through no fault of your own and you need more time to work on and handle the matter. This way, if the Judge denies it and you presented good cause for it, there could be a legal basis to appeal, if you have to proceed.

Expert:  FamilyAnswer replied 2 years ago.

I just wanted to follow up and see if you had any other questions or needed me to clarify something. I am here to help, so please let me know. Thanks!

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I didn't get enough specifics from your answer. I knew that I needed good cause and gave examples of what seemed to be good cause. I was expecting to get information on the grounds for another continuance based on case law citations from to refer to in a motion. The judge is making me represent myself with disabilities even before they are identified. I don't have any trial briefs filed at all--nothing was done to prepare for trial, despite $60K spent on legal expenses. The case is a terrible mess. It's insane.I filed a Department of Justice complaint a year ago and finally heard back but they refuse to case my case. They will not even put in writing that the judge has violated laws, though the staff has confirmed this.There is a clear case of discrimination of me because I have a disability, I am forced to represent myself now after the crooked tactic of being mischaracterized as incompetent for providing my physicians letter verifying my TBI and PTSD and well as other physical injuries sustain by my husband's assault. The plaintiff has violated orders and committed felony crimes but he has also hacked into all my accounts and physically broken into the home and my car and stolen my evidence, making it nearly impossible to show ALL that he has done.I can show that my former counsel lied to me, engaged in secret conversations with opposing counsel, stopped me from attending hearings to try to have a GAL appointed when I presented physician's letters concerning my medical condition and he misstated he facts, claiming I had a mental disability wrongly suggesting a personality disorder. (My husband was diagnosed as a borderline and he admitted privately he is a sociopath. He maligns and smears me, accusing m of his disorder and actions.)I can declare the truth and show some evidence that my attorney colluded with the opposing counsel and allowed my husband to violate court orders to starve me out. I didn't have the money to file motions to demand sanctions. The crooked attorney I had helped starve me out and tried to extort more money after not doing any work at all. The judge witnessed all this and did nothing. He does not care. He says that is between me and the attorney. He is protecting the corrupt attorneys, evaluator, and court staff who have lied to me.I asked to bifurcate the trial last June. The crook I had representing me did nothing and threw me under the bus each time we went to court; he asked for a continuance yet never once read a single file of mine in nine months. He blamed me for not being able to get a single task done and took $14.5K plus he cost me $2.5K hiring a consultant to try and stop him from abusing me.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
OMG. Sorry, I accidentally sent my message before editing it and it's embarrassingly bad. Please excuse the typos, repetition and rambling.The bot***** *****ne is that I tried to illustrate my situation to the court and the deeply corrupt judge is railroading and trying to silence me. He has no interest in justice. I need to know what citations relate to permitting me to suspend a trial underway. to allow me seek counsel? I cannot get an attorney to take my case in the midst of trial and I was completely misrepresented. The court is unfair and discriminatory, forcing a disabled litigant to represent herself after allowing the opposing party to starve me out, violate court orders steal all my evidence. All after the opposing party damaged me beyond belief with a TBI, PTSD and other injuries.
Expert:  FamilyAnswer replied 2 years ago.

You are welcome and I certainly understand. As a shared, a motion to stay the proceedings would need to be filed or a motion for a continuance. In the body of the motion, you must state the issue with retaining counsel and how you will be unfairly PREJUDICED if counsel is denied and you are forced to defend yourself. You need to ask for a reasonable amount of time ( i.e.30 days) to avoid unreasonable delay in the proceedings. If the Judge denies this, then you have a legal basis to appeal and judgment or ruling entered.