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Asad Rahman
Asad Rahman, Lawyer
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My sister's husband has left after 15 years of marriage

Customer Question

My sister's husband has left after 15 years of marriage where she was a stay at home mom and wife. He wants her to pay for his attorney fees and court cost and says she is not entitled to anything because he made all the money -a jerk os what i say- she is in texas and has no money and has some health issues. what can she do represent herself what are your suggestions.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

If she was a stay at home Mom, he is wrong. She can seek temporary spousal support and even child support while the divorce is going through. He is not entitled to attorney fees just because he asks. She should find a good family law attorney who can seek temporary support and represent her. She can also contact the texas attorney geenral's office in the child support division who can also help her to get child support even if the divorce is pending. Texas is a community property state so every cent he earned while they were married, she is entitled to at least 50% of that including any marital assets such as houses or cars. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

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