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My GRANDSON is 12, Ethan. My son is in Cherokee County

Customer Question

My GRANDSON is 12, Ethan. My son is in Cherokee County Dention Center Gaffney, SC, Edward. Edward gets Ethan every other weekend. And Ethan mom Anne & Stepdad was letting me get Ethan every other weekend. Untill August. Ethan started having behavior issues after they stopped our Visitation's. We helped raise Ethan till first grade. We pay Anne Ethan's child support $ 42 weekly. And we buy all Ethan's school clothes, school supplies and summer clothes what ever Ethan needs we buy. Ethan has a 2 Stepbrothers and a Sister. They can't stand Ethan and are mean to him. They tattle tell on him all the time. Ethan stays grounded and doesn't care Anymore if he is or not. Ethan & his parents have been going to therapy. Mrs. Roger's. Out of the box therapy. I don't know for how long o just found out in apx November. I was told by Ethan's Parent's that Ethan was having behavior problems and wanted me to attend the therapy classes and I went to 2 classes apx the end of November. This lady doesn't know anything about me. And I don't know what has been said about me. But it's Very Clear this lady also thinks I'm Ethan's problem. I've always supported Ethan's Parent's. Now it's been threw up in my Face I don't support them. And that I tell Ethan he doesn't have to listen or do Whatever his parents tell him to do. I've Never or would I Ever Tell My Grandson this. I've Always, Always told Ethan to be good and do what his parent's tell him to do. So he doesn't get into trouble. So mommy & Myke will let him come over. We got to see Ethan Christmas Ever we got there apx 8 PM. Ethan wasn't going to get to come and stay Christmas Eve night because of his behavior but ended up getting to. But his brother Tyler had to come I guess to tattle. Ethan got a XBox One and stayed practically all night playing, and Tyler would have to but he'd allready played that game and didn't want to. Ethan's Parent's never told us Ethan couldn't play or do anything. Tyler told on Ethan. Ethan gets more time grounded on top of his all ready grounded. Well his birthday is ***** 15. Ethan gets to come over a couple of hrs. Again Tyler comes. Ethan wasn't suppose to play or do anything we wasn't told by his parent's. Tyler tattles again more time added to his Allready grounded time. And the last time Ethan gets to come over on January 23 Rd. He was helping my husband in his Wearhouse that was some of Ethan's punishment for us to see Ethan he had to work. Well when I got their I thought he had dirt on his forehead head I said come here pumkim you have dirt on your face. It wasn't dirt it was where Ethan's Stepdad made him stand in the corner for 3 hrs on his tip toes then on one leg and the other leg. Myke wasn't happy with the way Ethan was standing and Myke would push Ethan's face into the corner. Then he drugged Ethan by his hoodie to Ethan's bedroom and spanked him drugged him back to the living room and put him back in the corner. Ethan's mom came out of the bedroom and asked Ethan what have you done this time Ethan said nothing she goes back into the bedroom. Myke is mad Ethan woke up his mom. The week before Ethan got spanked again because Ethan wasn't raking leaves to Mykes satisfaction. Ethan had a bruise from that. I go to take Ethan home he's crying, begging me to Please not to take him home I told Ethan ever time I get involved it back fires. If you want to call you can I can't. Ethan calls his therapist Mrs. Roger's and ask her if she would call his parent's and ask them to make him a appointment to come in to see her. She said she would then Ethan asked her if she would ask them if he could stay all-night with his Nannie & Papa. She said where are you Ethan. He replied with my Nannie she told him Ethan you know if you don't go home you want see your Nannie anymore more do you understand Ethan said yes mam. We waited I'm almost at Ethan's home he says pull over Nannie and call 911 o tell him again I can't. He calls they meet us talk to Ethan. The officer asked me to follow them to the station them have called DSS. I thought finally someone is going to listen to him. Wrong, Very Wrong Ethan told the DSS officer Brandon if he made Ethan go home if wasn't living Brandon said come on its not that bad at home. Well the police officer and Brandon go out for a long time. I hear Ethan's mom ask where the restroom was I thought ole lord please please don't let this happen. The officer and Brandon comes and gets Ethan. Ethan came back I asked Ethan what did they want. Ethan said they wanted me to stand the way Myke made me stand I said what else he said who told him to call 911 Ethan said my Nannie. He didn't tell them why. Well me & Ethan is in the room for a long time I assume they were talking to Ethan's Parent's and Mrs. Roger's on the phone. Brandon and the officer comes back and tell me Ethan is going to the hospital with his parent's I asked why. And because Ethan say he would harm himself if he made him go home I would harm himself self he had to go to the hospital to be observed. I asked could I take him the officer said no Ethan was going with his parent's. Ethan was afraid and crying I was to. Ethan ask the officer if he could take him no you have to ride with your parent's. I knell down were both crying I told Ethan that i loved him no matter what happens I'll Always love you and be here for you. Ethan said I'll Always love you more Nannie. The officer showed me to the door. I haven't seen or talked to Ethan since January 23rd.
I call Mrs.Roger's once a week to see if I can see or talk to Ethan she says no. Ethan's not quite where he needs to be.
Me and Ethan has a very strong bond.
The last time we went to court in the Garden at liden report told that we had a good relationship and he would hope that it would continue. The judge looked Anne Stright in the face and told Anne to make sure this happens and Anne said yes mam.
And the Garden at liden recommend that Corporal Punishment be stopped and it hasn't it's gotten worse.
Myke is going to end up really hurting Ethan if he doesn't kill him.
Ethan is a strong willed child he loves us and we love him to death.
Their trying to control Ethan from coming here and it's not going to happen.
Tyler Ethan's brother use to come every weekend with Ethan till the Garden at liden got involved now Tyler only comes to watch Ethan.
Please please will someone help me.
I seen Sheryl Bland a lawyer here in Gaffney, SC. She wouldn't help me she told me thier wasn't a Grandparent las. I told her Nikki Haley signed it in 2014. She told me I can read and see what ever I wanted to on the internet. No one would help me.
She said have you ever thought you may be Ethan's troubles.
I told her I wasn't Ethan's troubles. Ethan was misbehaving because of The Mental, Physical Abuse he was getting at home. He's own Mother want protect him.
I'm not the one who needs to come to therapy classes it's because of his parent's. Ethan loves us and they can't stand it.
Will someone please help me & Ethan please.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

I am so sorry to read about your difficulties.

You need to call DSS again on the parents. The abuse cannot be allowed to continue. Otherwise, this will not end well.

The POLICE should not have let Ethan go with his parents to the hospital. They should have handled the situation differently by letting you take Ethan to the hospital.

You CAN INDEED petition for grandparent's visitation rights in the State of South Carolina. If your Attorney is not willing to do this, you can file the Petition yourself at the Courthouse in the County where Ethan resides with his parents. You can obtain blank Petition forms at the Courthouse.

Best wishes to you and Ethan,

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