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My gf has been prescribed zanax and opiate pain killers off

Customer Question

My gf has been prescribed zanax and opiate pain killers off and on for several years she got pregnant we asked her obstrican about it and he informed her that it would be harmful to the fetus if she stopped taking them she was instructed to continue to take the xanax as prescribed and that the baby may have to stay a few days after birth to observe for withdrawal and treat if necessary the baby was born healthy but showed some signs of addiction but not to the point of needing treatment she was released with a clean bill of health 2 days after her mom was sent home when we went to get her from the hospital we met with a CP's worker we showed her proof that my gf was indeed prescribed zanax and that she had been treated long enough that the baby was expected to experience withdrawal symptoms we agreed to sign seven day safety plan at the end of the safety plan we didn't hear from them for a little over 2weeks now they are trying to make us sign another safety plan submit to drug screening and take parenting classes where they come into our home for 3 days a week for an unspecified length time my gf is still prescribed her medications the baby is 2 months old and is healthy and we have already showed them proof that she was following her drs orders now they are telling us that a case is open and if we do not comply with what they ask that they will start precedings and take our baby from us because our child was born addicted to zanax plz tell me what our rights are do we have to put up with this harassment and do they have any legal reason that would allow them to take our child
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
CP is one of the most negligent, incompetent and abusive bunch of social workers that you would ever have to deal with I am afraid. They frequently bully parents to agree to "plans" that the social workers have no intention to adhere to and they lie and even make up evidence to justify their biased opinions. At this point, it seems like this is the type of social worker you have encountered and your next step here is you must get an attorney, because these abusive social workers will indeed take the child and lie that you did not comply.
By getting an attorney, the attorney will file a motion in court to stop them from continuing to harass you and they will get the court to oversee the plan and it would not be subject to these social worker whims. Using an attorney is the only thing these people seem to understand and the attorney will present proof she is taking the medication as it is supposed to be taken and as prescribed and that she is not unfit to raise the child. These social workers always seem to insert their personal beliefs and biases into cases and the only thing that stops them is taking them to court using an attorney, who they know they cannot lie to like they can to poor parents they abuse.