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Asad Rahman
Asad Rahman, Lawyer
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She broke our parenting agreement my ex girlfriend took me

Customer Question

she broke our parenting agreement
my ex girlfriend took me back to court saying i never let her visit our son, after 6 months , when in fact she was working two jobs and was changing the time she agreed to verbally when she signed a parenting agreement. i kept all texts from my son going and coming from her visitations. She needed to modify the agreement by first letting the other parent (myself) know that a change of employment has happened and second talk to me before meditation about her requests.(her working hours were changed) which was part of our agreement and signed by the judge. She stated that she wanted the same time she had originally set up through court. She refused at that time to pay full support , which was 90.00 a week calculated by my past lawyer,so i agreed to 50.00 a week.I fired my lawyer and she agreed and signed a Joint Parenting Agreement and Custody Judgment (Parentage) form, her time with our son was set by the court after she made her hours and days request,and was set up at my sons grandmothers house,which she wanted and was originally set by myself in court because of her (my ex girlfriend) actions, during the agreement signing she agreed verbally to keep the same time and days,and at the grandmothers house ,this is in the agreement, i asked my son if he missed any days with his mother and he stated i have not missed any days because of me but she has been late and missed days, and i have proof of this by having my son text me everytime he leaves to go with his mom and when they leave to come home when she started getting my son. I went to court to modify child support after she lied about her visitation and working two jobs and only paying half of her We went to court only to find out she had hired a lawyer who at this time requested meditaion , i asked the court to view my sons statement and wishes at this time which were written by him on paper and signed by him and had all of my information ready but the lawyer gave the court her OPINION on children and the mediation was set. We went to mediation twice, and she recieved what she asked for , right before court she changed her hours to go to 40 hours we believe because I asked for child support modification ,(due to her jobs and the fact she is making me miss work for court when all she had to do was talk to me about our agreement , therefore breaking our agreement),and tell me of her new employment.She missed 3 out of 4 days with my son already ,after the mediator gave her the requested time because of her job change and as soon as we get to court for the visitation and child support then her lawyer wanted the agreement from the mediator changed,she stated that she wanted to have my son at her and her ex husbands house where her ex husbands son threatened to fight with my son, my son has told me twice that my ex girlfriend was laughing because my ex girlfriends ex husband was upset because he was having a hard time with his son, at that time of the next court appointment i asked the court to reschedule until i can seek advise, as i paid for the mediation (my half) and this was agreed to on both parties , .My questions are what right do i have to deny this request from her and her lawyer about taking my son to her house (after the mediator asked her three times if she wanted to have the visitations at her moms house (Grandmother) and what forms do i need and can I request her tax information for child support as she has again quit another job and started somewhere else. And if they send us back to mediation then what chance do i have to make her pay for this as we have already finished the mediation.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

You can ask for more child support if there has been a change in circumstances. In this case the volatility of her job situation warrants review by a judge. You can request w 2 or any other records you want like all bank and savings accounts. Let her attorney object but you have a right. If you like we can talk via phone but there are additional charges.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
If you know Illinois law really good then I would like to talk to you for about ten minutes, please let me know the cost of this
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

I do practice family law in Texas so I'm not an expert in Illinois law but the concepts and laws are fairly similar.