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5 Months Ago I needed a roommate 2 bedroom Apartment. One

Customer Question

5 Months Ago I needed a roommate for my 2 bedroom Apartment. One man moved in with me. We split the rent. He then continued to move his wife in a month later. She is not on the lease. We continued to split the rent to my displeasure. The landlord would not help me. Which I believe isn't right. They both have incomes and I am paying for her to live here. I have had one heated discussion with him and every once in a while I will hide his blender that he runs at 5am in the morning and wakes me up. What I am saying is that I haven't done physical harm or anything else to him or his wife. What I am concerned with is the fact that he is around 60 years old. Could him and his wife make up allegations and try and sue me for elder abuse? They could lie using each other as witnesses. It's two people against one and I don't really know what to do at this point. I still believe the rent should be split 3 ways but the lease is very vague when it comes to terms with guests. It just says one sentence stating that immediate family can stay. The leasing office says they view us as one person. So I am paying a 3rd of the rent this month and saying that's all the money I have. If they see us as one person they'd have to evict both of us. What you recommend most importantly on the elder abuse? Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry about your predicament. First I woukd recommend any discussions with them about the rent be in writing so that there is evidence. There is really nothing you can do to prevent a false claim by someone but they would have to prove it and that is difficult to do. Just do not do anything that makes their case for them. Generally one married couple would not be separately charged for rent so that issue is moot I believe.