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Glenn Zimmerman
Glenn Zimmerman,
Category: Family Law
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I am a victum of my commonlaw husband of 18 years 3 kids not

Customer Question

hello i am a victum of my commonlaw husband of 18 years 3 kids not only cheated on me but also abanded me and me 2 kids now. i have no money actually we were due for child support and an alimony hearing yesterday but on tuesday i fell for a line of bull shit and he talked me into dropping that he said his lawyer told hi to have me drop it because he choose to move back home to be with his kids and it just dawn on me i have been played by him because we still have a conference with master divorce decree on 2/4/2016 please help me and my ki9ds with some feed back
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Glenn Zimmerman replied 1 year ago.

My suggestion is to get a lawyer through your bar association's volunteer lawyer program. However, if it has been less than two weeks [usually it's between 14 - 30 days], it is likely you can file a motion/request to reconsider. I would state in the motion that your husband has not moved back in and that you and your children are without support. I would state that it is in the best interest of the children that support begin immediately based upon yor state's guidelines. It is presumed that if he is living with you that he is providing support. If you submit a statement that is notarized that he promised to move back in, but never did and did not provide support, then you will have rebutted this presumption. Good Luck.

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