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My 78-year-old sister went to the hospital minor injury to

Customer Question

My 78-year-old sister went to the hospital for a minor injury to her foot and was sent home, after a few days stay, and placed in a hospital bed, with a catheter, and did not know why she was required to be bedbound. She seemed strong about 6 months ago, but no one helped her get up. Now she has a bedsore on her back and one on her foot. The hospice program nurse did not even put a turn sheet on the bed. My brother-in-law has someone come into the house to do housework and do essentials for my sister from 8:00 am Monday--Saturday, but she has no one to assist her after the housekeeper leaves at 4:30 each day. And she has no one on Sunday. My brother-in-law is hard of hearing and my sister finds it hard to get his attention if she needs something. I have contacted the State Dept. of Human Resources. A caseworker has visited once. I thought she would help; my sister wanted a different hospice program. She did not like the nurse assigned to her, but hospice was not changed. All that they did was to repair her bed so that it raises up higher now, and the nurse is "sweeter."
I am not on her HIPPA list, so they don't want to talk to me. Her daughter who was with her when the foot accident occurred has left and will not contact either me or my sister--nor will any of the grandchildren; they won't answer our calls.
The brother-in-law refuses to change anything. He says he "has things arranged, and now things are just pending. . ." I am very fearful for my sister. She was very congested today and told me she does not want to eat or drink. She also said she did not want to go to the hospital. She needs her bed sores treated and she needs fluids, but I don't think anyone--her husband or hospice will see that she gets treated. Time is of the essence for her now. (She has been bedbound without being gotten up since May of this year.) What can I do?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

I am so sorry to hear about your sister's situation. Unfortunately, you do not have much leeway to do anything as her husband has the authority to make medical care decisions. At this point, you would have to get court ordered to take over care and financial decisions but that would be hard to overcome with her husband still responsible.