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How do I find a pro-bono lawyer?

Customer Question

How do I find a pro-bono lawyer?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


Hello, If your matter is a criminal case, there are very few pro bono attorneys who are not also public defenders. If your lack of income qualifies you for a free lawyer, after you come before the judge and plead not guilty at your arraignment, you can tell the judge you lack the funds to hire a private lawyer and ask him to appoint you a free lawyer.

Otherwise, if this is a civil case, here is a list of pro bono agencies in your state.

You may have to make a number of phone calls, but you should be able to find some hands-on assistance. Also, lawyers in the pro bono loop may know of others, so don'tt get too discouraged.

Finally, a good resource available for free or low priced legal assistance is law school clinics where law students research, write and handle actual cases and issues under the supervision of a practicing professor/lawyer. Some of these law school clinics have excellent reputations, and if a court appearance is called for, the professor goes to court.

Law students are trained legal researchers. They are energetic, idealistic and enjoy putting their efforts into a cause they can believe in. Here's a link to Kansas law school clinics. The kinds of clinics that they have are noted on the list. These clinics are either free to the public or have a sliding fee scale.

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