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I got a visit from cps on Friday. son apparently he mention

Customer Question

I got a visit from cps on Friday . for my son apparently he mention to someone that he was depress , he was not in the house at the moment they came however she wished to speak with us.
she also say that needed to speak with cristian that she wil reach out to him at school .. can they do that ?
I have a 20 years old daughter a 2 years old daughther , they are my life the 3 of them .. my son always has been the trouble one .
im am very scare this CPS office have fame of taking kids away from their families and my kids are all I have .
please guide me
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  mmdesq replied 1 year ago.

Good Morning,

I will try to best answer your question.

Dealing with CPS can be a headache at best and a nightmare at worst. It is largely dependent on the caseworker that happens to be assigned to your matter. If you have a good and experienced case worker then generally the matter will be resolved after initial investigation. If you have a young inexperienced case worker who has never even had her own children it can be more difficult.

Absolutely, CPS can intercept your child at school and interview them without you being present. That is often their preferred tactic. I would strongly suggest you discuss with your son this exact topic to find out exactly what he did or did not say and to whom. That way you will be able to provide an explanation to CPS regarding his comments and/or behavior. If it is an issue with depression and potential suicidal ideation i would recommend taking your son to a counselor immediately that way you can show CPS that you are dealing with the problem as an active and responsible parent. Thus, you do not need their assistance as it is already being handled.

I would also suggest that you take your son out of school on Monday and instead make an appointment with cps and go in to CPS with your son. I would be very careful to not tell him what to say but to prepare him for the questions they will likely be asking him and to think of what he will respond. You can then gently try to guide his responses so they don't sound quite so negative. They will interview him alone without you present and they will ask him whether or not his parents have told him what to say. You want him to be able to answer yes my parents had discussed in general that CPS wants to speak with me but they did not tell me what I had to say. I think the key issue for all this is going to be your statement that you have made an appointment for your son to see a counselor regarding this issue to make sure it is resolved and that is being properly handled.

If you have the financial means I would suggest hiring an attorney experienced in CPS matters because their early involvement can diffuse the situation before it becomes a full blown explosion. At this point I would not only be concerned about your son but also your other two children. What I mean is if your son presents a danger to your other two children you better have safeguards in place otherwise CPS could want to pull all 3 kids. I would also recommend following up everything with CPS in writing by the fax or email so there is a record of what is to transpire.