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I am age 80 at this time. Myhusband and I have been married

Customer Question

I am age 80 at this time. Myhusband and I have been married since age 65. My husband has never hit me, but he has taken by verbal threats that I had to do everything or he would divorce me. I have physically worked to improve his four of his childrens homes without any financial reward or word of thanks. He has never given me any money, I have had to completely paid for all food, all his and my clothing , all household products and also paid forhome improvements from my Social Security funds (average $1000.a month) or 100% of my only spendable funds. But when we married, I owned two home, with a $38,000. mortage on one, the other inherited and paid for. Now, I have used any/all my funds, and he has funneled any assets into his PriVATE account/pile of money as my attorney states. Now, my husband is requesting a divorce, which would leave me with only my SS for living. But, since he is retired military, I have had (at no cost to him)) the military Tri-care-for-life insurance, which has covered to date some serious medical costs. But this divorce would remove this coverage!! And at this age, a supplement and part D drug coverage is not possible on $1,131. SS a month. I have worked hard, in the building business for my entire life. Just finished another project, but never had access to any retirement plans, all the hundreds of dollars, we have made in the remodeling/rehab business, he had moved into his private accounts (my attorney calls it his pile, there is no longer our pile and my pile is less than $20,000. If we call this spousal/partner abuse, how do I move forward in trying to survive .going on welfare! His pile now is showing nearly $800,000. he came into this marriage worth about $500.000. I came in with about $120,000. I was stupid and signed a pre-nupt, but guessing, while visiting him days before marriage. He had 2 divorces, before me, this is his 3rd demand for divorce, he is ready to throw his 80 year old wife away, without any conseqenses, he just want every financial increases we have made, wants to stop my health benefits (which cost him nothing) and wants me to longer exist!! Having a male attorney, ex-judge in SD. he seems to think this type of action is OK! Where do I turn?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
I am not understanding why your attorney is stating that they cannot get you your fair and equitable share of all of the marital assets, including what he took from marital assets to hide in a personal account, is this all because of the prenuptial agreement that you agreed upon?
Was the prenuptial agreement signed by you with full disclosure and you having the opportunity to see an attorney before signing (whether you saw one or not is not relevant, only that you had the chance to see one)?