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I went to a supervised visit with my grandson on Sunday. My

Customer Question

I went to a supervised visit with my grandson on Sunday. My sister came along with me and I have my great niece through the court system because other than DCS I'm the only one in the family that can keep her without DCS being involved. Anyway we went to visit my grandson which my son passed away "his daddy" 4yr's come this Dec 21st. He overdosed at a friends house. The mother of his child has given my son's family Hell since she's had the little boy not wanting us to have anything to do with him, but, want to draw $1000.00 off of my son for Winston every month but, don't want us involved in his life. So I have since taken her to court for visitation been three yr's now I've been fighting this just to get one week-end a month. I've spent over 5k which I have maxed out my credit card and borrowed monry just for a lawyer actually went to court twice without a lawyer because I didn't have the money to pay my lawyer in time for the court date. Anyway down this rocky road Jessica the mother of my grandson and her mom Lisa has caused me so much trouble during my visitation all this time, I've told the judge about it, theyve gotten up and lied anf of course blamed it on me and I had my granddaughter and daughter to testify what they heard, them say and the curse words that comes out of their mouth and the grandmother gets up in front of the judge and says she goes to church and don't want to repeat the words I say and I don't curse never have said a curse word in front of my grandson or my children, the mother has followed my daughter from Mcdonalds to get us all dinner while we are visiting with my grandson to all the way back to the park, then when we leave because she starts trouble at the park again she followers us out and around town I go to the ploice station and tell them about her following us, I tell my lawyer about all the trouble so this past Sunday Nov. the 1st I go to the park for my visit and my sister goes along with me and takes my baby I call her"" my great niece when we get there Jessica , Winston my grandson and Jessica's mom Lisa is there at the park and Jessica has a Pit bull Dog. I ask her kindly to leave with the dog, she says she's not going nowhere she don't have to, she has papers, the dog can go where ever she goes, I said I'm scared of the dog don't want it around my baby, her mom says well, we don't care about your negger baby and besides she's not your's you got her through court, and your not getting Winston, I said well, I'm not staying with you keeping that dog here Jessica says oh well, guess you just better leave, Winston my gradnson kept hollowing something so I walked over to tell him bye and see what he was hollowing out and I asked him what he was saying he said I don't love you anymore, I asked him who told him to say that and he said grandmama did. I said well nanny loves you and I'm going back home because nanny don't want that dog around Emie the baby. I turned toward my sister and told her less go as we started to walk toward the driveway of the part Jessica followed us up toward the parking lot. I turned around asked her again to take the dog back down to the park and get it away from me she kept on arguging with me saying she could show me papers of the dog and stuff in that order I already told her to get the dog away from us and finally we stood there and passed words back and forth about 5 minutes and she finally told her mom and Winston to come on I wan't visiting. Winston came up to the swing and he asked Jessica his mom why nanny was leaving and she said :she don't want to visit with you today.: They start up to leave behind us we all got up to the road and Winston wanted to stay and play so Jessica told him he could for a little while. They went back to the swimg me and my sister kept walking and her mother started hollowing at me calling me names saying what kind of worthless mother I was, what kind of sorry son I raised for a daddy and I killed him by pushing drugs down him they have throwed this up to me two or three times I've asked them to shut up I didn't have anything to do with my son's death, he was in another county and I was in Johnson City Christmas shopping, Jessica said my ex husband told her that and I ask Jerry my ex and he told me she was lieing. SO I turned around and went to Lisa not Jessica her mom and me and her start arguging and some how it got into us pushing and the next thing I knowed Jessica pulled me by the back of my hair "I had it up in a ponytail" had me on the ground and Lisa her mom was holding me down with her knew and one of them was hitting me in the face with their fist, I couldn't get up I reached up trying to get hold of one of them to get them off of me and got one of them by their hair and the next thing I heard that dog close to me and it grabbed me by the side of my head which I have thick hair or it could have hurt me bad and it was bitting my hair my sister hollowed the law was coming and they got off of me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
Did you file criminal charges against them for this attack?
Have you gone back to court with evidence of this attack yet?
Since you are out of funds have you contacted legal aid or the state bar for the pro bono (free) attorneys in your area?

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