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My Ex was ordered to pay child support son when we divorced

Customer Question

My Ex was ordered to pay child support for our son when we divorced in Illinois, 1985. I moved to Florida in 1987. He made his payments for 9 years and then stopped. I gave up and did not pursue enforcement. Without my knowledge, he was then ordered to pay through the Illinois Clerk of Court in Champaign, Illinois or maybe it had been that way from the beginning - I don't recall...I believe it may have become an income deduction order, I'm unsure. I was never contacted until a few years later when I was sent a check from the Florida child support disbursement unit. (obviously it had become an interstate case). The check totaled over $2,000and I was directed to contact the Illinois HFS to set up a prepaid master card for future payments, which I did. I received a handful of small payments and then again the payments stopped. I would check the card periodically and there were never anymore payments, so I eventually threw the card out and did NOTHING, which I know now was a big mistake. My Ex had abandoned my son at 2yrs old and I was earning a very substantial income in real estate, so I had no real NEED for the money and chose not to pursue the issue again. It never even occurred to me that I needed to provide a change of address and I did move very frequently, even working out of the Country for a while. Fast forward to the present...I went online to my local Clerk's office here in Florida to look up a case for my son and my Ex's last name (the same as my son's) appeared with a case number ***** I found that there had been many years of money collected from my Ex and then researched further to find that there were many years that Illinois had a case where payments were being made by my Ex monthly and ALL OF THE PAYMENTS had been returned to the Illinois Dept. of Child Support enforcement because they never had a current address for me. The total amount of payments due me and returned to Illinois totaled $22,500. I have spent countless hours on the phone with IL and FL, as well as an in person visit today to the FL Dept. of Child Support and was told again that all of my monies were returned to Illinois and the LEDGER reads, STALE, VOIDED and STOPPED after each payment that was made. Neither IL nor FL can tell me where my money went?? Is there a possibility that IL would actually return my child support pmts to my Ex???? I don't know where to turn or how to find out what happened to my money??? Any advice would be appreciated. P.S. I never have collected state benefits of food stamps or any other benefits, so no, my money did not go to pay any public/state assistance.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  mmdesq replied 1 year ago.

Good Evening ,

I will try to best answer your question.

This sounds like a disaster. I would check also with Fl and IL lost assets divisions. This is usually part of state dept of treasury. The states usually have free website that you can search. I would also recommend contacting your state legislatuse for the county you reside in. The state legislatures office has a constituent services division that is designed help constituents with issues in the community. I would go with continent of state legislature rather than a federal since these are state agencies that you are dealing with. Hopefully with their input you'll be able to get some answers as to the location of your funds.